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Travel Ramp Inc

13900 N W 126th
Alachua, Florida 32615
United States
Telephone: 888-661-7267 or 386-462-5267.
Fax: 386-462-7744.

Products manufactured by Travel Ramp Inc (listed alphabetically)

  1. TRAVEL RAMP (MODELS 803, 804, & 805) Picture of TRAVEL RAMP (MODELS 803, 804, & 805)

    The Travel Ramp, models 803, 804, and 805, is a portable ramp made of lightweight fiberglass. It accommodates scooters, power chairs and folding wheelchairs. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 36 x 31 inches outside, 28 inches inside (803;, 48 x 32 inches outside, 29 inches inside (804); 60 x 30 inches outside, 27 inches inside (805). WEIGHT: 15 (803), 20 (804), or 25 (805) pounds. capacity: 600 POUNDS.

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