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Bio Stimu Trend Corp

14851 Nw 27th Ave
Opa Locka, Florida 33054
United States
Telephone: 305-688-4647.
Web: No known web address.

Products manufactured by Bio Stimu Trend Corp (listed alphabetically)


    Electrically conductive clothing for chest, waist, hips, legs, and other body parts. Built in conductors from the garments are incorporated at strategic anatomical treatment areas and are to be used in conjunction with TENS, EMS or FES devices. Stimulation is received through the garments without the direct skin contact of the skin from the transducers. Mobility is not restricted.


    Electrode garments constructed from elasticized fabric incorporating highly conductive fibers at strategic anatomical treatment areas. Garments are used for pain management or disuse atrophy with TENS, NMES or FES devices. Stimulation is received throughout the garment without direct skin contact from conductors. Requires no special skin preparation or tapes. Garments provide accessibility to individual or multiple body parts.

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