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Mobile-Tech Corporation

To the best of our knowledge, this company no longer sells assistive products. We list inactive companies for reference purposes only. The contact information listed is the last known for this company; current contact information is not available. If you have updated information on this company, please contact AbleData.

PO Box 2946
Hutchinson, Kansas 67504-2946
United States
Telephone: 800-835-5007 or 620-662-9000 ext. 482.
Fax: 620-662-8484.
Web: No known web address.

Discontinued products manufactured by Mobile-Tech Corporation (listed alphabetically)


    --- DISCONTINUED. RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. --- Steel platform lift, 29 1/2 inches wide by 44 inches long, folds to depth of 14 inches. Fits side door of van. Standard control is cord mounted, hand held console for all functions. Optional control with toggle switches can be placed on console of power pack. Remote controls for exterior of vehicle available. Electrohydraulic operation from vehicle battery. Accommodates all wheelchairs. Emergency back up and hand pump available in case of electrohydraulic system failure. Variety of options available to prevent accidental movement of lift with doors closed. Models available for buses and multipurpose vehicles. Operates in temperature extremes. Operators manual has selection on installation, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Emergency platform release for use in event of power failure is standard equipment. Optional Saf T Rail feature available. Structural reinforcement of vehicle unnecessary. Twelve month warranty.

  2. ECONO RAMP (MODELS W-12 & W-12XL)

    --- DISCONTINUED. (Verified 08/2005)RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. --- Lightweight, steel, expanded metal ramp folds to a thickness of 10 inches for storage. Has load bearing capacity of 400 pounds. 4 bolt base installs in side or rear door of any conventional van. Features spring loaded double action release mechanism and a spring assisted folding mechanism. Available with an extended length of 88 inches (W- 12) or 108 inches (W-12XL).


    --- DISCONTINUED. (Verified 08/2005)RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. --- Folding seat for vans or buses. Seat can be flipped up to provide a position for a wheelchair with a lock-down restraint. Provides an additional seat for confining environments when a wheelchair is not in use. Steel construction. Seat supports 300 pounds. Foam padded upholstery available in a variety of colors and textures. ..ID:.


    --- DISCONTINUED. (Verified 08/2005)RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. --- The Gravity Down Platform Lift uses power from the vehicle battery to raise the lift and uses gravity to lower the lift. Hydraulic cylinder system. 14 inch optional side guide rails and 12 inch front barrier at end of platform to prevent wheelchair from rolling off the platform. Zinc plated platform, expanded steel. Dimensions not provided in the literature.


    --- DISCONTINUED. (Verified 08/2005)RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. --- Power seat base with six way movement and a lifting capacity of 300 pounds. Attaches to vehicle floor with 4 bolts; is powered by three 12 volt DC actuators. Three momentary, center off, toggle switches control movement of seat base. Control box can be hand held or mounted on edge of seat cushion. Seat base can travel vertically up to 9 inches; fore and aft, 14 1/2 inches; and swivels left or right 90 degrees. Base accepts any standard vehicle seat or custom over stuffed driving chair.

  6. SAF T LIFT.

    --- DISCONTINUED. (Verified 03/2006)RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. --- Hydraulic platform van lift. 750 pound load capacity; 7 quart hydraulic fluid capacity. Platform constructed of welded steel tube frame with 10 gauge expanded metal covering; measures 30 or 32 inches by 45 inches. Comes with manual backup hand pump. Special pressure relief system prevents jacking of vehicle. Operates in all temperatures. Remote control for attendant operation. Emergency platform release. Optional manually operated platform, passenger operated controls, and heavy duty motor for high usage. Recommended door opening 40 inches. Verticle clearance 47 inches. Folded area in vehicle 14 inches. Weight with power pack 360 pounds.

  7. SAF T LOCK (MODELS W-80, W-80A, W-80E, W-81, & W-81A)

    --- DISCONTINUED. (Verified 03/2006)RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. --- Wheelchair restraint system accepts small or large standard, manual and electric wheelchairs. Adjusts to various wheel widths; locks balloon or mag type wheels. Restraint mounts on vehicle wall or on floor near wall. Steel components test up to 2000 pounds restraining force. Unlocks by dual function hand or foot operated mechanism (W-80); electrically with a button or switch (W-80E); or by a manual pin type lock (W-81, W-81A). Standard pedestal mount or rail mount.


    --- DISCONTINUED. (Verified 03/2006)RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. --- Belt restraint provides protection for persons in a wheelchair, whether driving or riding. Thick, foam-filled torso pad. Absorbs forward thrusts in moving vehicle. Vinyl quilted covering. Nylon webbed 75 inch seat belting and snap locks. Adjustable. Black.


    --- DISCONTINUED. (Verified 08/2005)RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. --- Wheelchair lift for buses; can retrofit to most front and rear doors. Passive lift mechanism. Lift has 2 step configuration that can kneel to the ground and lift ambulatory person, or steps flatten out for wheelchair access. User controls, push button activation. Hand holds on each side.


    --- DISCONTINUED. (Verified 08/2005)RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. --- Platform lift for school buses and other vehicles. Power up and down, or power up and gravity down models available. Side guide rails 14 inches high; front barrier 12 inches high. Hand held controls with 2 toggle switches. constant pressure hydraulic system. Emergency release system.


    --- DISCONTINUED. (Verified 03/2006)RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. --- Belt restraint provides protection for elderly or disabled passengers in school buses and specialized transportation. Dual foam-filled torso pads are secured by strong nylon webbed 45 inch seat belting. Absorbs forward thrusts in moving vehicle. Vinyl covering. Adjustable. Color: Black.

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