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Prime Engineering, a Division of Axiom Industries

4202 W. Sierra Madre
Fresno, California 93722
United States
Telephone: 800-827-8263 or 559-276-0991.
Fax: 800-800-3355.

Products manufactured by Prime Engineering, a Division of Axiom Industries (listed alphabetically)


    The Cindy Lift is a seat transfer lift aid designed to make lifts more manageable for caregivers and the individual being assisted and to broaden accessible areas for its user. The lightweight aluminium frame allows for quick transfers in a three-step process. This unit adjusts to the user's body and reduces the weight of its occupant for the lifter. The narrow profile fits through doors, halls, and restroom stalls. With this device, the user is able to wear street clothes instead of gowns, and all contact surfaces are comfortably contoured and padded. A quick-release leg folds to enable the unit to be placed in a kneeling position for pressure relief or user care needs. The unit folds for transport and storage. DIMENSIONS: 21 inches wide.

  2. COASTER Picture of COASTER

    The Coaster is a hand-propelled three wheel cycle designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This 21-speed hand cycle is designed to enable seat level transfer from a wheelchair. The cycle has quick release axles and a two-piece frame, which allow it to be transported in either a car trunk or a van. The seat depth is adjustable to accommodate riders of various heights. OPTIONS: Custom modifications are available.


    The Grandstand III Modular Standing System (MSS) is a standing aid designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. The Grandstand III MSS enhances the progressive levels of standing associated with the gradual alleviation of contractures or the reduction of spasticity. Multiple options allow the multi-functional frame to be used as a stander, a lift / transfer device or a self-operated lift / transfer device. The Grandstand III MSS has a modular construction which allows for the user's growth and comes complete with a pull-to-place sling; a clear table top and a height- and depth-adjustable chest pad; 3-inch plastic casters; adjustable foot positioners and knee pad; and a quick-release upper body support belt. OPTIONS: Positioning, sling, base, and tray options. DIMENSIONS: The GS 20 Grandstand III MSS has height range of 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 5 inches or 4 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 5 inches. The GS 21 Kidstand III MSS has height ranges of 3 feet 6 inches to 4 feet 8 inches or 3 feet to 4 feet 8 inches. COLOR: The frame is available in black, red, blue, or granite, metallic midnight purple.WARRANTY: The frame has a lifetime warranty.


    The Hand Stand is a standing frame designed to offer independence and therapeutic utilization for persons with mobility disabilities. The system features a retractable seat harness, adjustable foot straps and knee supports forming a three-point leverage that allows the user to select a comfortable standing or sitting position. The harness attaches and detaches like a seatbelt, and a finger-tip release is designed to provide a controlled return a sitting position. With front dolly wheels, this standing aid is portable either erect or collapsed and no tools are required for its use. It also features a large, acrylic table that tilts up to a 35 degree angle and a grab bar for extra support. CAPACITY: Accomodates individuals 5 feet to 6 feet four inches in height and weighing up to 250 pounds. DIMENSIONS: The base is 42 x 28 inches. COLORS: Red, blue, cream, and black. WARRANTY: 1 year on foam support pad and mechanical (retractor) parts; 5 years on frame.


    The Kidstand Prone Stand is an adjustable prone stander with positioning components. The components a chest board, pelvic board, chest strap, fanny strap, trunk pads, hip pads, independently adjustable footboards, contoured adjustable knee pads, and a Lexan tray. Chin rest and shoulder protraction pads for the tray are also available. The unit is free standing, with 4 locking casters. The stand has a metal frame with red epoxy powdercoat finish and black vinyl upholstery. DIMENSIONS: Two sizes: Pediatric fits child 30 to 54 inches in height, Junior fits child 42 to 66 inches in height.


    KidWalk Dynamic Mobility System is an upright wheelchair designed for children with cerebral palsy, spina bifida or muscular dystrophy. KidWalk encourages independent, self-initiated movement which helps in developing neural and motor skills, learning spatial relationships, and exploring the world. Quick exacting hip positioning. Single adjustment bilateral pelvic pads. Mid-wheel location for better control and smaller turning radius. Available in two sizes, easily accommodates functional changes. Hip and chest supports adjust in height, width, and depth. WEIGHT CAPACITY: kidwalk1:65 pounds. kidwalk2 90 pounds. LENGTH: kidwalk1: 33-35 inches kidwalk2:36-38 inches. WHEEL SIZE: kidwalk1: 20 inches kidwalk2: 24 inches COLORS: razzberry, shocker green, candy red, candy blue, black, candy orange, candy purple.


    The Original Lift Walker is a walker with lifter designed for use by children and adults with mobility disabilities. This device also functions as a mobile stander, a gait trainer, a transfer assist, and a toilet assist. The hydraulic lifter eliminates the need for manual lifting. The height-adjustable walker is constructed of powder-coated mild steel tubing and disassembles for transport. Standard features include a U-shaped base (available in narrow or standard) with four caster wheels, a choice of a small or large belted chest harness to secure the user, arm supports with hand grips, and ankle straps to prevent scissoring. SIZES: Small with narrow base (accommodates children and adults from two feet to five feet, eight inches tall), small with standard base (accommodates children and adults from Four feet to five feet, ten inches tall), and large (accommodates individuals from five feet to six feet, four inches tall). DIMENSIONS: The standard base is 37 inches long and has an outside width of 30.5 inches and an inside width of 26.5 inches. The narrow base is 37 inches long and has an outside width of 24.5 inches and an inside width of 20.5 inches. CAPACITY: 235 pounds. WEIGHT: 65 pounds.


    The Superstand and Superstand Youth are standing frames designed for use by children with neurological, lower extremity, balance, or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This pediatric standing system supports children in prone, upright, or supine positions. The Superstand fits children from 26 to 48 inches tall and Superstand Youth fits children from 40 to 60 inches tall. Each unit comes with a headrest, chin rest, knee and foot support, and a rolling base with four 3-inch casters. The included support pads, hardware support straps, and chest harness are all adjustable. The foot system is height-, width-, depth-, angle-, and rotation- adjustable, and the entire system is reversible. OPTIONS: Height-, depth-, and angle-adjustable tray and size-adjustable knee pads. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 40 x 21 inches (Superstand) or 48 x 24 inches (Superstand Youth). CAPACITY: 125 pounds (Superstand) or 150 pounds (Superstand Youth).


    Symmetry and Symmetry Youth are standing frames designed for use by individuals with mobility or neurological disabilities or spinal cord injury. This frame supports full upright standing posture. It has a solid padded sliding seat and an adjustable sliding back, with lift arms that pull the system up and forward. The system maintains the position of the seat on the users' body while the user is standing or returning to the seated position. The seat is smooth on the front edge so the user getting into the frame can slide across the seat without hindrance, and when getting out of the frame the user can transfer directly from the seat to a flat surface. Other standard features include a flip- up depth-adjustable kneepad; adjustable height, toe-in, toe-out, planter-flexion and dorsi-flexion shoe holders; height- and depth- adjustable table top; adjustable chest pad; hydraulic actuator; flip-back padded armrests; a transport base with plastic casters; and a right or left pump handle. OPTIONS: Hip guides; seat belt; low back; extended back; lateral supports; headrest; support vest; chest belt; padded chest belt; custom chest pad; knee pad; independently adjustable knees; Roho knee pads; foot straps; solid calf panel; two piece pump handle; quad pump handle; steel casters; tray easel; padded tray cover; tray overlay; rachet handles. DIMENSIONS: The casters are three inches in diameter. CAPACITY: 275 pounds for the Symmetry and 250 pounds for the Symmetry Youth. COLOR: The frame is black and the upholstery is gray or blue.


    The Up-Rite Stander is a standing frame designed for use by children with lower extremity or mobility disabilities. This upright standing frame supplies midline positioning for weight bearing and activities involving the upper extremities. The stander has a steel square tube frame on a marine grade plywood base. Standard features include a height-adjustable clear tabletop; adjustable heel block; depth-, height- and width-adjustable kneepads; and one double and one single body support strap. The all-cotton body support straps are made from long wearing breathable denim material. Adjustments can be made without tools. The frame has dual side posts for complete access to the child from anterior and posterior positions. OPTIONS: Wheeled caster base to make the frame mobile; padded U-shaped knee supports in three standard sizes; shoe holders. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): Model I is 36 x 20 x 20 inches, with a 18 x 14.5 inch tray; model II is 48 x 24 x 24 inches, with a 21 x 17.5 inch tray; model III is 60 x 32 x 32 inches, with a 24 x 21 inch tray.


    The Wheelie Mobile Prone Stander is a prone stander designed for use by children with lower extremity or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This stander has large wheels to increase mobility, add stability, and provide a mild camber for a more comfortable and controlled grip. Other features include body pads with fully-adjustable lateral supports, a strap positioning system with padded back and seat support, an adjustable tilt angle of up to 15 degrees, quick-release wheels, and adjustable footplates to allow for leg length discrepancy and/or contracture adjustment. Adjustments can be made without tools. OPTIONS: Tray, pommel, rigid hip pad, spoke guards, handrims, and custom modifications. DIMENSIONS: Wheel size is 20 inches on model WMPS I, 27 inches on model WMPS II, or 34 inches on model WMPS III.

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