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Angle Lake Cyclery

20840 Pacific Hwy South
Seattle, Washington 98188
United States
Telephone: 206-878-7457.
Fax: 206-824-3038.

Products manufactured by Angle Lake Cyclery (listed alphabetically)


    The Counterpoint Opus IV and CL Semi-Recumbent Tandems are specially designed to accommodate a wide range of riders including paraplegics, quadriplegics, seniors, and young children. These two wheeled cycles have a racing style seat for the driver (rear rider) and a semi-recumbent seat for the front rider. Both riders may pedal independently. Complete forward visibility is featured for both riders. The cycles have a stainless steel rear crank boom with a folding front boom, rear rider steering, and a Sedisport chain drive. A handcrank front boom is an available option to allow hand pedaling by the front rider ($549). FRAME: TIG construction 4130 chromoly custom tubeset. SEAT: Aluminum rear seat frame supporting a breathable mesh fabric front seat with a micro-adjustable Velcro attaching system and built-in map pocket. WHEELS: Stainless steel spoked wheels with a 20-inch front tire and a 26-inch rear tire. BRAKES: Magura Hydrostop hydraulic brakeset on the SE and DiaCompe cantilevers on the CL. GEARING: Shimano components featured on the SE; SunTour on the CL. COLOR: Frame availalbe in plum blue, silver, or purple on the SE model, and in powdercoat black on the CL.


    The Counterpoint Presto Recumbent, models SE, CL, MM, and CA, is a recumbent-style leg-powered bicycle. The recumbent-style seat transfers the rider's weight from the hands to the seat, and takes the strain off the back and neck associated with racing-style cycles. FRAME: Blend of 4130 chromoly, stainless steel, and high tensile frame tubes. The crank boom is adjustable to accommodate inseam measurements from 28 to 35 inches. SEAT: The full support seat is made of breathable mesh fabric with a micro-adjustable Velcro attaching system. Seat width is 18 inches and seat height from ground is 24.5 inches. WHEELS: Stainless steel spoked wheels with 20-inch tires. Wheelbase is 36.75 inches. BRAKES: DiaCompe or Magura brakes (depending on model). GEARING: BarEnd (SE, MM), Gripshift (SE), SIS Thumbshifts (CL), or Sachs Progrip (MM, CA). DIMENSIONS: Overall height is 38 inches. Length varies according to user height; overall length folded is 53.5 inches. COLORS: Black powdercoat.

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