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Perfect Solutions Software, Inc.

2685 Treanor Terrace
Wellington, Florida 33414
United States
Telephone: 800-726-7086 or 561-790-2459.
Fax: 561-790-0108.

Products manufactured by Perfect Solutions Software, Inc. (listed alphabetically)


    The Laser PC6 with Text-to-Speech Option is a portable word processor designed for use by children or adults with vision, reading, or communication disabilities. This one-piece unit features a full-sized keyboard and a liquid crystal display (LCD). The text-to-speech cartridge ($50) plugs into the expansion slot in the back of the unit; the user then plugs in the headphones (included), adjusts the volume, and selects the text-to-speech option from the main menu to hear word-processing files, the spell-checker, or each letter or word as it is typed. The built-in generic word processor creates files which can be wirelessly exported to any other word processing program using an Ir receiver costing $35. Word processing capabilities include foreign language accents for eight languages. Sticky keys and key repeat features aid accessibility. The unit offers storage of up to 100 pages of text in 45 files. In addition, the word processor permits switching between an eight-line, eighty-character display or a four-line, forty-character display, with the four-line display offering a 30-point font for greater visibility. Additional built-in software includes a phonic spell-checker with an 80,000-word dictionary, a typing tutor, word prediction as part of the word processor, scientific calculator, and a simple homework calendar for recording assignments. The set includes the Laser PC6, carrying case, built-in software, alternating current (AC) adapter and user's manual. POWER: Uses the included AC adapter or four double-A batteries for 36 hours of use or the optional rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack for 25 hours of use between charges. OPTIONS: Roget's Electronic thesaurus cartridge, E-mail modem cartridge, Flash RAM cartridge with password protection for additional storage capacity, infrared receivers, and more. DIMENSIONS: The keyboard is 11.6 x 8 x 2.25 inches. WEIGHT: 2.75 pounds with battery. COLOR: Burgundy. WARRANTY: Three years.

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