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Hydro-Care, Inc.

P.O. Box 19074
West Palm Beach, Florida 33416
United States
Telephone: 561-688-9771.
Fax: 561-615-6784.
Web: No known web address.

Products manufactured by Hydro-Care, Inc. (listed alphabetically)


    Hy-Gina Care is a portable shower designed to enable caregivers and people with physical disabilities to perform personal bathing, hygiene, and shampooing tasks. Constructed of heavy-duty polyester resins and fiberglass compunds, this cabinet-style shower features side or front entry, an attached transfer seat with support legs, and a built-in hydro-powered seat with one-touch controls. Showering nozzles are placed to provide total body water coverage in a criss-cross pattern and a hand-held shampooer features adjustable water flow from gentle to pulsating. The perineal cleansing and sitz bath feature provides an adjustable upward flow of water. Model 2000 is designed for home or hotel/motel/resort use and model 1000 is designed for institutional use in a designated bathing area. A patient transporter is included with model 1000. CONTROLS: All controls are placed to accommodate the seated user or a caregiver. OPERATION: The shower is completely portable and requires no permanent installation. Water is supplied by means of hoses attached to sink connections, a shower head diverter valve, or a tub spout. The shower is drained by hose into a tub or commode. Extending the hose system enables the unit to be used further from water and drain sources. A small, separate pump is included to assist with extended drainage. Service and maintenance manuals and laminated daily use instruction cards are included. Drawings illustrating hookup and drainage are available on request. OPTIONS: A used water holding tank in various sizes is available. DIMENSIONS (HxWxD): 47 x 30 x 36 inches. The seat movement range is 12 inches and the seat height is 18.5 inches from the floor. WEIGHT: 150 pounds. COLOR: High-gloss ivory is standard. Custom colors are available with a minimum order required.

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