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DulCo, LLC

2015 South Tuttle Ave
Sarasota, Florida 34239
United States
Telephone: 888- 284-2699 or 860-944-4246.
Fax: 860- 606-9496.

Products manufactured by DulCo, LLC (listed alphabetically)


    CompuShade is a retractable computer monitor hood designed for use by computer users with low vision or cognitive disabilities. The CompuShade mounts on most computer monitors to create a three-sided tunnel surrounding the viewing surface of the screen on the top and sides. By shielding the screen from reflections, it significantly enhances screen clarity and contrast, thus reducing eyestrain and making the screen easier to read. This device can also be helpful to some individuals with cognitive disabilities, since blocking off-screen visual stimuli minimizes viewing distractions. No tools are required for assembly, and the shade is retractable when not in use. Made of durable plastic and polyester fabric with an aluminum frame, the unit attaches to both flat screen and standard monitors and is designed to have a neutral but attractive appearance. SIZES: Small (for 12- to 15-inch monitors), medium (for 16- to 19-inch monitors), and large for (20- to 22-inch monitors). DIMENSIONS: Outside width is 10 to 14 inches for the small model, 14 to 17 inches for the medium model, and 17 to 21 inches for the large model. WEIGHT: Approximately one pound. COLOR: Beige. WARRANTY: 30 days satisfaction guarantee.


    The Pronto 40-cell Braille Talking Organizer is a speech-to-text communication device and organizer intended for use by individuals who are blind or deaf. It comes with interchangeable Braille and standard (QWERTY) keyboards. It has natural computerized speech output in English pre-installed. It includes a 4 Gigabyte SanDisk Memory Card and a Lithium-ion battery an Alternating Current (AC) adaptor. This device has many functions and features like the ability to write texts, edit documents with a text-editing program, browse email accounts, make appointments, record addresses, take notes, set/operate an alarm clock and/or timer, manage files and synchronize it with a chosen computer, and read DAISY books, among other things. It can set reminders and record recurring dates. With Pronto 40, users can use the 40-cell Braille keyboard for many operations or a normal Braille display with a PC, laptop, iPhone, or iPad. DIMENSIONS: Approximately 11.7 inches height X 6.0 inches length X 1.0 inch width. RETURN POLICY: Non-returnable. WEIGHT: Approximately 2.75 pounds.

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