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Quadriciser Corp. (formerly KineTech Inc.)

6624 Central Avenue Pike
Knoxville, Tennessee 37912
United States
Telephone: 800-688-5003 or 865-689-5003.
Fax: 865-689-8956.

Products manufactured by Quadriciser Corp. (formerly KineTech Inc.) (listed alphabetically)


    The Quadriciser Motorized Therapy System is a passive/isometric exercise machine designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury or severe physical disabilities. The Quadriciser Motorized Therapy System is designed to exercise the upper and lower extremities, with timed sessions and variable speed control providing for a choice of duration and cardiovascular intensity. All four limbs are continuously moved in a coordinated, natural rhythm. The range of movement for each limb and the rate of movement can be totally customized. The Quadriciser consists of a main motor drive system that drives cables and pulleys attached to hand-grips and leg cradles which translate through a circular range of motion exercising upper and lower body extremities. There are five models of the Quadriciser consisting of a wheelchair (drive into position), adult deluxe or regular seat model, upper body (shoulder emphasis) physical therapy model, a dual use (wheelchair or seat) model, and a pediatric seat model. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): The seat model is 80.25 x 48 x 3.51 inches; the wheelchair model is 80.25 x 48 x 33 inches; the youth model is 79 x 38 x 31.5 inches. WEIGHT: The seat model weighs 134 pounds. The wheelchair model weighs 107 pounds. The youth model weighs 79 pounds.

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