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Angel ECU

2422 SE Bordeaux Court
Port St. Lucie, Florida 34952
United States
Telephone: 772-834-1989.

Products manufactured by Angel ECU (listed alphabetically)

  1. ANGEL FX Picture of ANGEL FX

    The Angel FX E.C.U. is an environmental control unit (ECU) designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury or severe physical disabilities. This unit offers flexible control capabilities enabling control of a wide variety of equipment within the environment. This system can control table lamps, light fixtures, table fans, ceiling fans, air conditioning and heating systems, TVs, DVD and CD players, digital audio tape players, mini disk players, MP3 players, Blue Ray disc players, VCRs, FM tuners, A/V receivers, amplifiers, cable and satellite dish boxes, nurse call systems, electric beds, page turners, door openers, electric door strikes, garage door openers, shade control units, window openers, video cameras, video matrix routers, personal computers, telephone communications, and more. The Angel FX is a switch activated unit that can operate in either a "scanning" mode (single switch), or "direct drive" mode (dual switch). The system provides high-fidelity voice feedback along with a wireless control option that allows the unit to be controlled remotely from a wheelchair or an alternate location. A large graphic liquid crystal display (LCD) display provides visual feedback as well. Communications features empower individuals who are seeking to regain employment. The communications features include a built-in telephone speakerphone, built-in voice mail, caller ID with callback with storage for up to 1,000 callers, a 1,000 name contact directory, speed dialing, call ecording capabilities, wired and wireless headset compatibility, and more. The unit provides digital audio recording capabilities, and can record high fidelity audio for more than five hours in the form of audio notes, recorded phone calls, and/or music. The menu system can be setup in several different ways to provide quick access to the user's most desired control functions. The unit has a built-in Learning Infrared system that can learn over 1,300 commands, and can provide reliable operation in a room full of people, with no "line of sight" problems. The system uses remotely located "I/O Pods" to control equipment that may be located in various parts of the home. Each I/O Pod provides 8 zones of Infrared outputs, 2 RS-232 serial ports, 2 RS-485 serial ports, 2 sets of isolated relay contacts, 2 voltage detection circuits, and an optional 900 MHZ spread spectrum wireless RF data link back to the main system. Up to 10 "I/O Pods" can be connected to the system at the same time, providing up to 80 zones of Infrared outputs. The unit has a built-in high fidelity 28-watt amplifier that is connected to an audiphile quality 4-inch speaker. The unit also provides a PS2 Keyboard Port for PC control (with an optional card), a bed control port (a custom wiring harness is required), X-10 control capabilities, general purpose relays, and serial ports (RS232 & RS485) for controlling peripheral equipment. The system supports up to one thousand programmable sequences (macros). Sequences can provide up to 32 control functions that execute via a single input from the user. A variety of plug-in cards are available to enhance the capabilities of the system and prevent obsolescence.

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