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    A Special Phone is a cell phone screen reader and a voice output dialing program for cell phone designed for use by individuals who are blind, have low vision or have cognitive or memory disabilities. This application (or app) provides audio and tactile (through vibration) feedback to ensure that the user calls the correct person. The program allows a person to establish up to six contacts who can be speed dialed. To establish a contact, the user (or an assistant) selects a person or organization for the Contacts list on the iPhone. If the contact has more than one telephone number, one number must be selected. Once the contact is established, the user selects a picture to go in one of the six speed dial squares on the screen, and sets contact preferences (including voice recording) by pressing and holding contact picture. To dial a contact, the user taps the program icon and shakes once for the first contact, twice for the second contact, and so on. Then contact’s name will be spoken to the user to verify that the user selected the intended contact. After a two second delay, the selected contact will be dialed automatically. A Special Phone also allows the user to dial a phone number that is not one of the six contacts set up in the program by using its adaptive eyes-free keypad. The user launches A Special Phone, touches anywhere on the screen and the program will tell the user which number he/she is touching. The user then taps the number again to confirm selection and repeats the process for all 10 digits. After the last digit is confirmed, the user taps the phone button in the bottom left corner to make the call. COMPATIBILITY: For use with the Apple iPhone. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Apple iOS 3.0 or later.

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