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POSEY ROLL BELT (MODELS 1201, 1231, 1231Q & 1231QXL)    

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Picture of POSEY ROLL BELT (MODELS 1201, 1231, 1231Q & 1231QXL) The Posey Roll Belt, models 1201, 1231, 1231Q and 1231QXL, is a belt restraint for use in bed by people with balance disabilities and others at risk for falls. This belt attaches to a bed with a single strap tie ( models 1201, 1231) or single strap quick-release buckle (1231Q, 1231QXL), and it allows the user to sit up or roll from side to side in bed. The portion that fastens around the user is padded. It is available in flame retardant material (model 1201) or cotton (1231, 1231Q and 1231QXL). DIMENSIONS (LxW of pad): 17.5 x 6 inches (models 1201, 1231 and 1231Q); 28.5 x 6 inches (1231QXL). Strap length range is 104 to 69 inches (models 1201 and 1231); 59 to 33 inches (1231Q); or 82 to 50 inches (1231QXL).

Price: 56.64 to 16.83.

This product record was updated on June 20, 2013.

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J T Posey Company

5635 Peck Road
Arcadia, California 91006-0020
United States
Telephone: 800-447-6739 or 626-443-3143.
Fax: 800-767-3933 or 626-443-5012.

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Vitality Medical

7938 South 3500 East
Suite B200
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121
United States
Telephone: 800-397-5899 or 801-733-4449.
Fax: 801-733-5797.

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