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Picture of BRUSH-AWAY IN-WALL TOILET BRUSH CABINET --- DISCONTINUED. (Verified 07/2012) RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. ---The Brush-Away In-Wall Toilet Brush Cabinet is a toilet brush storage system designed for use by individuals with limited mobility or with individuals with cognitive disabilities. This ABS plastic cabinet installs in the wall and has a door with a magnetic catch. The toilet brush stores inside and the door closes firmly, hiding the brush and reducing the spread of germs. The door is opened by pressing the top center of the door at the latch position and releasing the door. When the door is fully open, the brush handle is extended toward the user. The door is closed by reversing the opening process. The door is also removable for cleaning the unit. The cabinet can be wallpapered or painted with latex paint to match the decor. COLOR: White.

Notes: Brush-Away is a trademark. ** Price discounts are offered on purchases of more than one unit.

Price: 39.95.

This product record was updated on July 17, 2012.

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Notech Inc.

To the best of our knowledge, this company no longer sells assistive products. We list inactive companies for reference purposes only. The contact information listed is the last known for this company; current contact information is not available. If you have updated information on this company, please contact AbleData.

165 Dekalb Industrial Way, Suite F-1
Decatur, Georgia 30030
United States
Telephone: 866-275-8144.

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