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Picture of LIFESTAND LSA HELIUM The LifeStand LSA Helium is a stand up wheelchair designed for use by individuals with lower extremity, mobility, or neurological disabilities or spinal cord injury. This is a manually propelled, manual standing wheelchair. The user lifts him- or herself to a standing position by grabbing standing mechanism handles and using the same motion that propels the chair forward, with assistance from a hydraulic cylinder system which is adjusted to the individual's weight. FRAME (HxLxW sitting): 78 or 91 (for 46 cm seat width only) x 89 or 101 (for 46 cm seat width only) x 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, or 76 centimeters. The standing length is 93 centimeters (105 cm for 46 cm seat width only). The Lifestand LSA Helium has a rigid magnesium frame with titanium tubes and carbon components. Push handles and anti-tips are optional. This chair is available in red (standard), black, blue, white or titanium (grey). SEAT (DxW): 43 or 53 (for 46 cm seat width only) x 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, or 46 centimeters. The back height is 32 or 45 (for 46 cm seat width only) centimeters; a 38 to 46 centimeter backrest extension is optional. The floor-to-seat height is 51 centimeters. The seat slants 7 degrees from the front. The seat depth and back angle are adjustable. A chest strap with metal buckle is standard. Carbon side clothing guards are optional. UPHOLSTERY: Padded nylon upholstery. The tautness of the seat and backrest upholstery can be adjusted using Velcro staps. ARMRESTS: When sitting, the handles used for standing serve as armrests. Swing-away armrests are optional. CASTERS: 5-inch aluminum front casters with flat-free tires. 6-inch casters, 5-inch soft roll wheels, or 4-inch flashing skate wheels are optional. WHEELS: 24-inch black hub wheels with aluminum handrims and hard polyester tires are standard; 26-inch wheels with 1-inch pneumatic tires are optional (requires 6-inch front casters). Also available are rubber-coated handrims, transparent spoke protectors, pneumatic tires, and flat-free tires. FOOTRESTS: Swing-away carbon footplate; footrest extensions are available. The unit is also equipped with a knee support unit composed of two foam pads on a carbon plate to ensure proper positioning. OPTIONS: Reflectors and rubber coated stand-up levers. CAPACITY: 100 kilograms. WEIGHT: 16 kilograms. When disassembled, the heaviest component is 13.5 kilograms.

Notes: LifeStand is a registered trademark. ** Velcro is a registered trademark.

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This product record was updated on February 13, 2011.

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Lifestand products are sold in the United States by Permobil USA.

40 rue Palverne
Rond-point de Rosage
Les Echets, F01700
Telephone: 33-4-37-26-27-28.
Fax: 33-4-37-26-27-29.

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Permobil USA

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Lebanon, Tennessee 37090
United States
Telephone: 800-736-0925.
Fax: 800-231-3256.

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