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Picture of ALGO NEWBORN HEARING SCREENING SYSTEM The ALGO Newborn Screening System is an auditory evaluation system designed for use in evaluating hearing in newborns. This system screens both ears simultaneously. Colored, customizable graphical displays guide the user through the screening process, and the system provides automated, objective pass/refer results. Screening parameters are pre-set and standardized. An audio-visual tutorial provides tips on how to conduct screening. Device-based data management facilitates creation of statistical reports and letters. Data can be transferred via network (WLAN or LAN), CD-R, or USB flash drive. The system comes with a workstation/cart with large wheels, a push handle, a writing surface with space for a printer, and shelves and a drawer for storage. OPTIONS: Natus screening supplies, including Jelly Tab sensors and Flexicoupler and Valu-Pak earphones.

Notes: ALGO, Flexicoupler, and Jelly Tab are registered trademarks of Natus Medical LLC.

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This product record was updated on October 14, 2011.

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Natus Medical Incorporated

1501 Industrial Road
San Carlos, California 94070
United States
Telephone: 800-255-3901 or 650-802-0400.
Fax: 650-802-0401.

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