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The Friendly Bed System, model EB, is a bed mobility, transfer and positioning aid designed for use by adults and older children with mobility, neurological, balance, or severe physical disabilities, or spinal cord injury, arthritis, weakness, or pain in home and other homecare settings. The system has a steel framework that fits king, queen or double conventional beds. The frame has two end pieces that are placed beyond a bed’s headboard and footboard (or end if the bed does not have a footboard). The ends are connected by two parallel poles that extend horizontally over the length of the bed, and there is a vertical pole that extends down to the floor from one of the horizontal poles near the head of the bed. The vertical pole can be used as an aid for standing or sitting on the bed. Trapeze bars or other positioning aids can be mounted on the horizontal poles. The frame also extends under the bed for added support and stability. The system requires two headboard and footboard posts. Bed frame rails can be up to 1.25 inches thick. The Friendly Bed System adds a bedside table and a side rail on one side of the bed. The table and the side rail are fastened to the under-bed frame. This system also includes an over-bed light and a triangular trapeze. OPTIONS: TV or computer monitor mount for one pole (maximum weight of 45 pounds) that pivots horizontally or vertically; snake light (small or long neck LED version; over-mattress nightstands (13 x 13 inches or 13 by 8.5 inches); transfer bar; bed wedge; over-bed table mounted from pivoting assist rail; battery-powered sling or trolley hoist. DIMENSIONS: The Friendly Bed System adjusts to fit a wide variety of bed sizes. The required under-bed clearance is 5.5 to 9 inches from box spring bottom to floor; the floor to mattress top must be between 31 and 22 inches. The maximum bed length is 93 inches. The clearance required under the headboard and footboard for the under-bed supports (HxW) are 4 x 3 inches (headboard) and 1.25 x (22 to 36) inches (footboard). CAPACITY: 300 pounds.

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This product record was updated on January 31, 2012.

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Bill-Ray Home Mobility

3800 N. Providence Avenue, Suite A
Appleton, Wisconsin 54913
United States
Telephone: 920-257-4001.
Fax: 920-257-4131.

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