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Picture of BRUNO TURNING AUTOMOTIVE SEATING (TAS) 2500 TURNY The Bruno Turning Automotive Seating (TAS) 2500 Turny is a powered turning automotive seat base designed for use by individuals with severe physical disabilities and mobility disabilities who have difficulty entering and exiting minivans, pickup trucks, and full-size vans. The Turny replaces the existing seat base with a swivel, power up and down base. It allows for an even height transfer from a mobility device or can be lowered to 12 or 16 inches. The base swivels manually. The hand control first glides the seat out of the vehicle then lowers the seat. The Turny can be installed in the front passenger and the middle-side door position on both the left and the right. It can be removed to restore the vehicle to its original condition. In some cases the Turny utilizes the original seat. The Bruno SM seat and LP series seat provide lumbar support as well as lateral support in both the seat cushion and backrest. OPTIONS: Can be installed on the driver's side of the vehicle with the addition of the Bruno Seat Slider Kit (available for Bruno SM seat only). CAPACITY: 330 pounds.

Notes: Turning Automotive Seating, TAS, and Turny are trademarks and Bruno is a registered trademark of Bruno Independent Living Aids. ** Manufacturer states this product is tested and certified to meet or exceed applicable FMVSS requirements in a vehicle.** The purchas price listed includes BPA (Base Plate Assembly) and Seat Mount Kit for either Bruno SM or O.E.M. Seats.

Price: 5990.00.

This product record was updated on July 29, 2009.

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Bruno Independent Living Aids

1780 Executive Drive
P.O. Box 84
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 53066
United States
Telephone: 800-882-8183 or 262-567-4990.
Fax: 262-953-5501.

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All In One Mobility, Inc.

12833 NE Airport Way
Portland, Oregon 97230
United States
Telephone: 800-944-4935 or 503-255-5005.
Fax: 503-255-5010.

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810 Moe Drive
Akron, Ohio 44310
United States
Telephone: 877-275-4930 or 330-633-1118.
Fax: 330-633-0330.

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R & J Mobility Service Inc.

155 E Street
PO Box 128
Independence, Oregon 97351
United States
Telephone: 503-838-5520.
Fax: 503-838-4710.

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United Access (formerly Access Industries)

9389 Natural Bridge
St. Louis, Missouri 63134
United States
Telephone: 888-939-1010 or 314-989-1010.
Fax: 314-426-1081.

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