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Picture of CLINITRON AT HOME AIR FLUIDIZED THERAPY BED The Clinitron At Home Air Fluidized Therapy Bed is a flotation bed designed for use by individuals with pressure sores/ulcers, spinal cord injury, or severe physical disabilities. The bed surface is filled with ceramic beads similar to sand; the gentle airflow through the beads "floats" the user, resulting in the lowest possible interface pressure and virtually eliminating shear and friction. The airflow also provides warmth and aids in providing comfort and pain reduction. Bead temperature is adjustable. Other bed features include a pressure-reducing air wall to support the body, a pressure-reducing air head section that can be raised and lowered, foot control pedal, and removable side rails on both sides. Control functions are located on a panel at the foot of the bed and in a remote unit on a side rail for bed user accessibility. Control functions include raising and lowering the head section, adjusting bead temperature, adjusting the firmness of the head section, turning fluidization on and off, and locking out the remote control on/off capability. The control panel and the remote control both have large buttons and easy-to-read instructions. A microprocessor constantly monitors the unit's main components. In the event of a mechanical or electrical failure, ana alarm sounds and a "call for service" message appears on the control display screen. The cushions remain inflated for up to two hours in the event of a power failure. The bed can stand directly on the floor to facilitate wheelchair transfers, or risers can be added to accommodate caregivers. POWER: Uses standard current. DIMENSIONS: At its lowest position, the bed is 26 inches high. The risers are 4 inches high.

Notes: Clinitron At Home is a registered trademark of Hill-Rom Co. Inc.

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This product record was updated on October 12, 2011.

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Hill-Rom Co. Inc.

1069 State Route 46 East
Batesville, Indiana 47006
United States
Telephone: 800-445-3730 or 812-934-7777.
Fax: 812-934-8189.

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