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--- DISCONTINUED. (Verified 01/2010) RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. --- Doggone Dog, model 1036, is a educational toy designed for visual stimulation and teach the concept of cause and effect for children with physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities. This toy features a plastic body in the shape of a puppy on its hind legs, four plastic wheels, two plastic arms, a long moveable tongue, two floppy ears, a big nose, and big eyes. The puppy wears a tuxedo and a top hat. When children push down on Doggone's top hat, his eyes close and his ears twitch up. After a few seconds, each ear flops down, his nose pokes out, his eyes open, and his tongue sticks out. His arms then move in a frenzied state, and he propels himself across the floor. COLOR: The puppy's body is bright yellow with red eye lids, arms, and wheels. His nose, ears, and eyes are bright blue. His tongue is pink. His tuxedo and top hat are black and white.

Notes: Doggone Dog is a registered trademark of Tomy Corporation. ** The manufacturer states that this toy is appropriate for use by children age eighteen months and older.

Price: Contact manufacturer.

This product record was updated on January 4, 2010.

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TOMY Corporation

3 MacArthur Place, Suite 950
Santa Ana, California 92707
United States
Telephone: 949-955-1030.
Fax: 949-955-1037.

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International Playthings, Inc.

75 D Lackawanna Avenue
Parsippany, New Jersey 07054
United States
Telephone: 800-631-1272 or 973-316-2500.
Fax: 973-316-5883.

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