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The Rastronics Telephone Induction Amplifier is a telephone adapter for telecoil-equipped hearing aids only. It is not an actual amplifier, but instead strengthens the induction field of the telephone. As a result, non- hearing aid compatible telephones are converted into hearing aid compatible phones and weak telecoils are improved. The Rastronics TA-80 straps onto the telephone handset. It comes with a carrying case for traveling. This device automatically turns off. The TA-80 is powered by one Mercury 675 battery (not included).

Notes: Two other models are also available: TA80/2 with a behind the ear silhouette and the TA80/3, designed for TV listening. (See separate entries.) ** Manufactured by Rexton Danplex, Denmark, and distributed in the U.S. by HARC Mercantile, Ltd.

Price: Contact manufacturer.

This product record was updated on October 3, 2003.

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United States
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HARC Mercantile, Ltd.

1111 West Centre Avenue
Portage, Michigan 49024
United States
Telephone: 800-445-9968 or 269-324-1615.
TT: 800-445-9968 or 269-324-1615.
Fax: 269-324-2387.

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