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The Barrier Free Lift Unilift Ceiling Lift is an overhead transfer lift designed for use with individuals with mobility disabilities. Available with a ceiling-mounted track or free-standing frame, this unit permits a horizontal change of direction to be performed by hand or with a motor. The transverse track system uses two tracks: one track is installed the entire length of the room and the other is a perpendicular track installed the entire width of the room. The lift can move on either track for unlimited access anywhere in the room. This lift can be used while person is immersed in water for independent access to a bathtub. CONTROLS: Operated by push button or air tube control. POWER: 24 volt D.C. battery; a charger is included. These lifts incorporate an emergency lowering feature. SPEEDS: Maximum speed is 6 to 8 feet per minute. DIMENSIONS: Maximum vertical travel up or down ranges from 70 to 128 inches. CAPACITY: 400 pounds; optional 600 pounds or more capacity is available. WARRANTY: 2-year warranty.

Notes: Barrier Free Lifts is a registered trademark. ** A free in-home or on-site demonstration is available. ** Free brochures and an informational video are available from the manufacturer's website or through the toll-free telephone number.

Price: Contact Manufacturer.

This product record was updated on April 1, 2011.

This product is available from:


Horcher Lifting Systems, Inc. (a division of Horcher Medical Systems)

1884 NW 57th Street
Ocala, Florida 34475
United States
Telephone: 800-582-8732.
Fax: 866-378-3318.

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