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The Front Opening Nightgown is a women's nightgown designed to provide ease in dressing for women with physical disabilities. Designed with double sewn seams, elbow-length sleeves, and snaps or buttons down the full length of the front, the garment may also be worn as a robe. This nightgown is available in cotton or double-napped flannel, or satin-backed flannel. SIZES: Small, medium, large, extra-large, extra-extra-large, and extra-extra-extra-large. COLOR: The cotton gown is available in bright floral prints; flannel available in prints or solid colors.

Notes: Shipping and handling charges are not not included in the purchase price listed.

Price: 43.00 to 39.00.

This product record was updated on June 18, 2013.

This product is available from:


Specially for You, Inc.

15621 309th Avenue
Gettysburg, South Dakota 57442
United States
Telephone: 605-765-9396.

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