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The Phonic Ear Personal FM System, model PE475, is an FM amplification system designed to improve listening conditions by reducing the effects of background noise, reverberation, and distance between the speaker and the listener for persons with hearing disabilities. The portable system is designed to provide a direct wireless transmission of the speaker's voice from a microphone-transmitter to a listener-worn receiver. It works with the user's hearing aid to increase the signal-to-noise ratio from 5dB to 20 or 30dB so the speaker's voice will never be more than six to eight inches away from the listener's ear. This product features audio-output and audio-input capabilities designed for use with tape and video recorders. For system monitoring, there are FM and battery indicators to guide the user. POWER: Rechargeable 3-volt battery pack provides up to 20 hours of continuous operation. Disposable alkaline batteries may also be used. WEIGHT: 3 ounces.

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This product record was updated on April 24, 2003.

This product is available from:


Phonic Ear Inc.

2080 Lakeville Highway
Petaluma, California 94954
United States
Telephone: 800-227-0735 or 707-769-1110.
Fax: 707-769-9624.

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