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--- DISCONTINUED. (Verified 1/94) RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. --- Adult seating system with modular construction. Dependent wheelbase with 27 degrees of tilt in space adjustment, assisted with gas spring cylinders. 8 inch by 2 inch swiveling casters in front or rear. 12 inch by 2 inch fixed wheels. Footbrake operated by attendant from rear. Seating system detaches from base with spring loaded plunger mechanism. Molded integral skin polyurethane foam cushions for seat and back fit onto web seat frame and molded rigid plastic backshell in various combinations to support user. Removeable armrests and footrests with variety of pads.

Price: 1,974.85 and up.

This product record was updated on December 29, 2003.

This product is available from:


Otto Bock Health Care

Two Carlson Parkway North, Suite 100
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55447-4467
United States
Telephone: 800-328-4058 or 800-905-2750 (voice mail) or 763-553-9464.
Fax: 800-655-4963 or 763-519-6153.

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