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Picture of DAESSY MINI BENT-TUBE MOUNT (MODEL M75-BTM) The DAESSY Mini Bent-Tube Mount, model M75-BTM, is a stand for a tablet computer, switch mounting hardware and a computer and communicator mounting kit for wheelchair designed for use by individuals with use of only one hand, or mobility, lower extremity or upper extremity disabilities, or spinal cord injury. The mount is non-directional and can be installed on either side of the wheelchair. This product also can be removed from the wheelchair when not needed. The frame clamp assembly includes an inner piece and a removable receiver. The inner piece is bolted or clamped to the wheelchair frame while the receiver holds a vertical tube that extends upward and bends at a right angle over the users legs or lap. The mounted device is attached either directly or with a specific adapter to a quick release plate, and attached to the horizontal end of the mount assembly by a quick release base that secures the device and allows for quick detaching of the device from the mount. The complete mount can be lifted out of the receiver and removed from the wheelchair leaving only the frame clamp assembly attached to the wheelchair frame, and swung away when the adjustable height clamp lock handle is loosened. DIMENSIONS (HxW): Standard configuration: 24 x 14 inches. Optional tubes: 20 x 14, 28 x 14, 32 x 14, 20 x 16, 24 x 16, 28 x 16, and 32 x 16 inches. CAPACITY: 10 pounds.

Price: 517.50 to 502.50.

This product record was updated on February 19, 2012.

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Daedalus Technologies, Inc.

2511 Vauxhall Place
Richmond, British Columbia V6V 1Z5
Telephone: 604-270-4605.
Fax: 604-244-8443.

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