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New Products

We add over 1,000 assistive products to our database each year. This page provides an alphabetical list of the 100 most recently added products.

Products are listed alphabetically.

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  1. ACTION SENSORY ROOM--GOLD This Action Sensory Room is designed to accommodate those individuals who have a disability that effects their temperament, who react with anger or frustration, those who have problems with concentration, those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and others who struggle with inappropriate behavior. Is intended to encourage play and build concentration as well as to relax the body and keep the mind alert. The Action Room tools include swings and rockers that provide rhythmic mov...[More Information]

  2. ADJUSTABLE WHEELCHAIR CLAMP The Adjustable Wheelchair Clamp is designed for individuals who use a wheelchair for mobility. The wheelchair clamp is a multidirectional clamp that can be secured to a wheelchair for positioning of an umbrella or other small item such as a small flag. When not in use the clamp can be folded flush to the back of the wheelchair. DIMENSIONS: Length 50 centimeters. COLOR: Black and silver. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer. ...[More Information]

  3. ADVANCED DESCRIPTO-CARDS Developed by Edna Carter Young from work by Carolyn Weiner and Rachel T. Cartwright, these Advanced Descripto-Cards® are designed for adults who have communication disabilities, specifically Aphasia, to teach them functional communication skills that they can use each day. This is the advanced version with more cards and levels than previous versions. Targets functional communication for adult users with aphasia. Reintroduce functional vocabulary using 287 color and 20 black and white photograph...[More Information]

  4. ARTIC ATTACK AND OTHER S AND Z GAMES This Artic Attack and other S and Z games are designed for use in the classroom, treatment, or home, and is for individuals with lisps, as by playing the game, the player works on the correct pronunciation of words. Addresses frontal and lateral lisp articulation errors. Follows The Entire world of S & Z methodology. Includes exploded "T" (/ts/ final) and initial, medial and final word positions for /s/ and /z/ and /s/ blends. Each section includes five paper and pencil games. Arctic Attack offe...[More Information]

  5. ASK AND ANSWER WH BINGO Ask And Answer Wh Bingo, a modified version of the traditional bingo game, is specifically designed to help students increase their comprehension and verbal expression of "Wh" question skills - who, what, when, where, and why. Children of all ages (over the age of 3) can join in on the fun, 2 to 6 players at a time. Ask And Answer Wh Bingo comes with: 18 laminated, full-color bingo boards (printed front and back), 144 "Wh" calling cards, 200 bingo chips (in assorted colors), and a plastic storag...[More Information]

  6. AT THE TABLE At the Table is a magnetic therapy tool, designed to provide new, engaging, and interactive ways for therapists to approach language, memory, naming, and direction following. Cleverly designed specifically for adult clients to engage in interactive tasks that involve and practice Speech and Language Pathology tools like language and memory. Durable magnets include 34 familiar table items, 34 matching table item names, and 80 stimulus questions that address locating, naming, yes/no response, prob...[More Information]

  7. AUDITORY ADVENTURES Auditory Adventures is designed to support individuals working on improving auditory processing skills such as: Auditory Association - absurdities, action-agent, analogies, auditory closure, if-then, inferences, listening for main ideas, opposites, name the category. Auditory Discrimination - discrimination of initial sounds in words, discrimination of final sounds in words, identification of initial sounds in words, rhyming, sound blending, syllable awareness. Auditory Memory - following direc...[More Information]

  8. BIME WANDER REMINDER The BIME Wander is designed for use for individuals with dementia. It is a reminder system to encourage time orientation for people with dementia by using verbal messages. It uses reliable and inexpensive technology that can be installed to suit the needs of individual situations. The system is easy to install requiring no technical input. The verbal message is recorded and the minder is placed at the approach to the doorway. It can be left freestanding or hooked onto the wall. Users can use ba...[More Information]

  9. BOBATH EXTRA WIDE HYDRAULIC THERAPY COUCH The Bobath Extra Wide Hydraulic Therapy Couch is designed for use by therapists working with children with various neurological impairments such as cerebral palsy. It can accommodate both the therapist and child on the couch. Bobath Therapy Couches can be used in clinics, hospitals and medical centers offering Bobath therapy. It is available in both electric and hydraulic versions. POWER: Examples: Hydraulic. DIMENSIONS: Maximum couch height: 1000 millimeters (39 inches), Minimum couch heigh...[More Information]

  10. BOBLES OBSTACLE COURSE SET Bobles obstacle course set is designed to be a playful indoor environment for children, where they can work on motor skills. Can be used as furniture but meant for play and to enhance children's motor skills while playing. Each animal influences motor skill development in a positive direction way. Free of any toxin or phthalates. ...[More Information]

  11. BOO BOO BUDDY COLD PACKS Boo-Boo Buddy is a reusable cold pack with patented gel formula to provide up to 30 minutes of therapy after just one hour in the freezer. Elite smooth covers stay soft and flexible. It provides natural first aid pain relief to children who would benefit from cold therapy to help prevent and reduce pain and swelling associated with scrapes, insect bites, bruises and bumps. The Boo-Boo Buddy is flexible, hypo-allergenic, nontoxic, PVC and Phthalate free. COLOR: Multiple colors. WARRANTY/GUARAN...[More Information]

  12. BRACELET FASTENING TOOL ------- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: To assist individuals with limited fine motor, strength and dexterity due to arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome manipulate bracelet fasteners. MATERIALS USED: A 14-inch (35.6 centimeter) piece of 16-gauge wire (I used brass craft / picture hanging wire from the hardware store), a ruler or tape measure, a file, cup burr, or knife sharpening stone for smoothing off the wire ends, a ring mandrel, dowel, PVC pipe section, small prescription p...[More Information]

  13. BUILDING LANGUAGE WORD SOUNDS Building Language: Word Sounds is designed for use by speech & language pathologist working with clients for articulation. Word Sounds is based on a cognitive neuropsychological framework. Applications of this volume includes the facilitation, strengthening and development of the recognition and production of phonemes and graphemes in single words. The workbook comprises four major sections, with key learning strategies (e.g., lip shape cues) provided in the structure of the exercises: Hear the...[More Information]

  14. CAMERA SUPPORT -----"DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY---- Using PVC to stabilize a DSLR camera is designed for use by individuals with limited strength in their upper extremities as a result of fractures or neurological events such as stroke and Parkinson’s disease. Step 1: Gather Materials. Two PVC pipes (length 70 millimeters, diameter 32 millimeters). One PVC pipe (length 170 millimeters, diameter 32 millimeters). A PVC T-piece that can accommodate the PVC pipes. A hinge. In the picture it's the rectangula...[More Information]

  15. CANDO METAL BALL CHAIR The CanDo Metal Ball Chair is a mobile ergonomic seating system designed for adults who sit in chairs for long periods of time. This chair combines ball therapy with a chair base. The ball is held securely in place. Chairs are height adjustable and come with a removable, adjustable back. Light assembly required. The 5 non-locking casters glide easily on carpet or hard surfaces. Prevents against back pain, sciatic nerve pain, poor leg circulation, and headaches. This chair has arms. DIMENSIONS...[More Information]

  16. CASTLE MOLD These castle molds are designed for children over 3, to engage in fine motor play in the sandbox, at the beach, or anywhere where there is sand. This fine motor play also inspires imagination, problem solving, and design interest. Includes 8 molds, 2 plastic knives, a turret, stairwell, castle wall, round wall top, rectangular 3D brick-maker, and 3D cylinder maker. Not for children under 3 years old due to choking hazard....[More Information]

  17. CHILLSPA SENSORY ROOM The ChillSpa Room is a room filled with therapeutic toys, tools, and other items that children should feel secure and comfortable in. Sensory rooms are designed to decrease discipline problems, such as acting out from aggression, anxiety or frustration, keeping the child focused and relaxed. The ChillSpa Room includes an interactive bubble tube, fiber optic lights, images projected on the walls, and soothing music, which provides visual and auditory input, creating a calming environment. Additio...[More Information]

  18. CIRCULAR FIBER OPTIC SHOWER The Circular Fiber Optic Shower is designed to give the user the impression of being in a tunnel with over 150 strands of fiber optics that hang from the ceiling to create a special spot for people of all ages, who benefit from sensory integration. Big enough to accommodate a wheelchair or standing frame. The safe acrylic mirror on the ceiling gives the impression that the fiber optic strands continue ‘into’ the ceiling. The product can be either relaxing or stimulating depending on the model ch...[More Information]

  19. COLORKU® GAME SET Colorku® Game Set is a designed for children 8 years and older through adult. It is designed for individuals with cognitive and neurological impairments such as TBI (traumatic brain injury) and strokes, to build logic and deductive reasoning skills like Sudoku in full color. In Colorku, users use brightly colored wooden balls instead of numbers to solve the puzzles. Players start with a partially completed puzzle grid and then fill in the rest. Or simply have users replicate the colored patterns...[More Information]

  20. COMMUNICATION ACTIVITIES WITH ADULTS Communication Activities with Adults is designed for adults working on improving and maintaining their communication skills. It is designed for use by health professionals and providers. This book contains more than 100 graded communication activities for individuals and groups. Activities in this book are ideal for individuals with dysphasia or those working with the elderly and day centers. It can be used for group warm-ups. The majority of activities requires little or no preparation and can...[More Information]

  21. CRITICAL THINKING FOR ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING AND COMMUNICATION Critical Thinking for Activities of Daily Living and Communication, by Mary Pitti Daly and Jennifer Holmes Fouche, is designed for adults with cognitive impairment produced by a stroke, traumatic brain injury, dementia, or neurological involvement who need a help guide for re-entry into the community. Picture cards help improve communication and performance of daily living activities. Illustrations and photographs of activities such as grocery shopping, dining out, using different modes of trans...[More Information]

  22. DINING OUT: A GUIDE FOR THE ADULT WITH SWALLOWING PROBLEMS Dining Out: A Guide for the Adult with Swallowing Problems, by Robin Angell M.S. CCC-SLP and Barbara Prakup M.A. CCC-SLP, is designed for those who have dysphasia or swallowing problems and is intended to make dining out a more pleasant, social experience. This book outlines how to choose restaurants and menu items, highlights restaurant types from fast food to family restaurants and Italian cuisine to ethnic foods. Gives possible menu options using the National Dysphagia Diet Levels for each me...[More Information]

  23. DRAW AND WRITE NOTEBOOK This notebook is designed for children to encourage drawing and writing as an outlet for unneeded energy. Wide double lines provide room for student pictures and creative writing. The first half of the notebook has pages with drawing space at the top and 5 sets of double lines below. The second half has the same pages on the left side. The right side pages have 8 sets of double lines. The notebook may also be used for copying or journal writing. ...[More Information]

  24. E-TRAN FRAME E-TRAN FRAME is designed for individuals with limited communication secondary to vocal cord damage, swallowing difficulties, tracheotomy, stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS), motor neuron disease (MND), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Rett syndrome, dyspraxia, Parkinson’s disease, or people with general communication difficulties. Individuals communicate by using eye-pointing to spell out what they want. It is a communication board in which letters, symbols, or pictures can be used. The E-Tran ...[More Information]

  25. ENVELOPE AND BOX-STYLE SANDBAGS These sandbag patient positioners come in envelope and box form. Grommets (the perforated edges on the sandbag) and handles (placed on the short side of the sandbag). Can choose the dimensions. OPTIONS: Grommets and Handles are only available on envelope style sandbags for hanging or traction. Handles are located along the short side of sandbag. Grommets may be placed lengthwise or width-wise, buyer’s choice. Also, choose the length, the width, and the thickness of the box-style sandbags. ...[More Information]

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