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New Products

We add over 1,000 assistive products to our database each year. This page provides an alphabetical list of the 100 most recently added products.

Products are listed alphabetically.

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  1. 6DOT BRAILLE LABEL MAKER The 6dot Braille Label Maker can produce high-quality Braille labels for children and adults who are blind or have low vision. It has an electronic printing mechanism that creates embossed Braille on clear labels and a Built-in cutting system. Once the user has generated the label, all he or she has to do is pull back the tab at the end of the label, remove the adhesive backing, and place it on the object he or she wishes to label. The 6dot Braille Label Maker can print labels in any language...[More Information]

  2. A4 RECORDABLE THOUGHT CLOUD A4 Recordable Thought Cloud is designed for children practicing their writing and storytelling skills. Users can record up to a 10 second message. There is a write on and wipe off surface that can be used with dry erase writing tools (crayons, markers, pens). DIMENSIONS: 21 x 29.5 centimeters. COLOR: White. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer. ...[More Information]

  3. AAC SPEECH BUDDY AAC Speech Buddy is Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution for people who have trouble using their own voice to communicate as a result of autism, developmental delays, cerebral palsy and Down’s syndrome. Programmers can now record voices and sounds to be included on the Speech Boards. There is also the option to choose from 12 text-to-speech voices. Images can be imported or users can choose from 2000 industry standard images. Thus, allowing users to quickly and easily build...[More Information]

  4. AAC SPEECH COMMUNICATOR AAC Speech Communicator is a smart pictogram-based speech communicator designed for people with speech disabilities associated with autism, cerebral palsy, and stroke. It is an Android based application that allows users to form grammatically correct sentences from a list of pictograms. Once the images are selected, AAC Speech Communicator reads the image (text-to-speech). It can be used with children or individuals who have limited reading abilities. AAC Speech Communicator promotes grammati...[More Information]

  5. ABILITATIONS BITTYBOTTOMS Each BittyBottom is molded to be a perfect fit and contains either small PVC balls or crunchy beans for a smooth, or more sensory experience, respectively.Cushions are designed for children or adults who need to wiggle, fidget and move. DIMENSIONS:8 inches diameter. COLOR: Variety. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer....[More Information]

  6. ACAPELLA VIBRATORY POSITIVE EXPIRATORY PRESSURE (PEP) THERAPY SYSTEM The Acapella® Vibratory Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) Therapy System is designed for individuals with lung diseases, secretory problems such as COPD, asthma, and Cystic Fibrosis. This system uses PEP therapy and airway vibrations to help mobilize pulmonary secretions, based on clinical needs. Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) therapy enforces a resistance to exhalation at the mouth while the airway vibration technology transmits movements upstream during exhalation so that airway walls may...[More Information]

  7. ACAPELLA VIBRATORY POSITIVE EXPIRATORY PRESSURE (PEP) THERAPY SYSTEM The Acapella® Vibratory Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) Therapy System is designed for individuals with lung diseases or secretory problems such as COPD, asthma, and Cystic Fibrosis, as this system uses PEP therapy and airway vibrations to help mobilize pulmonary secretions, based on clinical needs. Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) therapy enforces a resistance to exhalation at the mouth while the airway vibration technology transmits movements upstream during exhalation so that airway wall...[More Information]

  8. ACTA-BACK WHEELCHAIR SEAT BACK SYSTEM Acta-Back Wheelchair Seat Back System is designed for to provide comfort and support for children and adults with spinal curvatures of their back associated with kyphosis, osteoporosis or scoliosis. It is constructed of lightweight aluminum, which allows for custom modifications. SIZES: 10 inches tall, 12 inches tall, 14 inches, 16 inches tall, 18 inches, 20 inches tall, 22 inches tall. CAPACITY: 250-400 pounds. WEIGHT: 2.9 pounds-7.5 pounds. COLOR: Black. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As ...[More Information]

  9. AIR-LITE DONUT FLOOR SITTER The Air-Lite Donut Floor Sitter is designed for children with sensory processing delays and/or autism. The soft support of the Air-Lite Donut Floor Sitter provides calm and focus for those who have a hard time concentrating. The seat allows for side and back support to enhance attention while listening, reading and communicating. The product can be used for circle time, homework time, reading and one-on-one therapy. Made of soft, flock material. Inflates with a hand pump and air valve. DIMENS...[More Information]

  10. ALEX LEARNS TO SORT Alex Learns to Sort is an app designed for children working on improving their psychomotricity response rate. It can also be used with children with cognitive and learning disabilities. This app is aimed at improving attention, logic and concentration, while having fun sorting objects correctly in the shortest time possible. OPTIONS: English, Spanish, German, French or Catalan. SIZE: 30.9 MB. COLOR: Multiple colors. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer. ...[More Information]

  11. ALEXICOM AAC FOR ANDROID Alexicom AAC for Android is designed for individuals who are non-verbal or have limited speech as result autism, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome or stroke. Alexicom AAC lets you use your Android phone or tablet as an augmentative communication device. There are over 1,200 pre-made pages and over 7,000 images in our public libraries, which include twelve pre-made page sets: ChildPreA/B, Child1A/B, Child2, Child Intermediate, PicSpeechmaker, Adult1, Adult2, Speechmaker, Healthcare, and Spanish Chi...[More Information]

  12. ALZHEIMER'S ASSOCIATION COMFORT ZONE Alzheimer's Association Comfort Zone® is designed for use by family members of individuals with Alzheimer’s. Comfort Zone® is a web application that includes a location-based mapping service, or LBS. This term refers to a wide range of services that provide information about a person's (or object's) location. It allows you to change devices and plans as a person's disease progresses and your safety needs change. For example, if the person with Alzheimer's is still driving, a car-mounted tracking...[More Information]

  13. ANIMAL SPINNERS These Animal Spinners are a recreational therapy toy designed especially for children with cerebral palsy, any neurological disability, or for persons who have a disability that affects their fine motor skills. Toys that work on 3-finger grasping and isolating thumbs. The toys are colorful, twirly eggs and globes that open to reveal an animal as they spin around. Choking hazard: not for people under 3 years old. OPTIONS: Globe Spinner or Egg Spinner. $3.99 per spinner. ...[More Information]

  14. AQUALINE BATH Aqualine Bath is a height adjustable bath designed for use by individuals with mobility and balance disabilities who require assistance with bathing. This bath benefits the caregiver as well as the user, as it is height-adjustable. Caregivers can set the height of the bath at a comfortable level for them, using a simple control panel, helping to avoid back strain. Access into the bath is via a ceiling/wall mounted track or a mobile system. An attachable showering and changing top is available ...[More Information]

  15. ARTICULATION BAG & STORY BOARD Articulation Bag & Story Board is designed for use by children 3 years and older with cognitive, communication, or speech disabilities working on language and vocabulary development as well as articulation. The kit includes communication tools for a community based outing all in one ready-to-go bag. This bag contains 50 objects to help children practice initial, medial and final sounds and comes with a quality felt backcloth to display and sort the objects. The bag contains objects to represent ...[More Information]

  16. AUDITORY MEMORY CARDS FOR SHORT STORIES With the Auditory Memory Cards children can listen to short stories like "Aunt Pat's Hat," "Hannah's Bananas," or "Ollie the Octopus"—and then answer questions about each plot. One side shows the picture and story title, and the other side has the story and three questions for children to answer. These 51 illustrated cards provide a basic approach to improving students' auditory memory skills. The cards are helpful to developing children or those with cognitive disabilities who require extra mem...[More Information]

  17. AUGIE AAC Augie AAC is a voice output functional communication app that includes daily schedules, self-regulation and has an integrated note pad feature. It is designed for use by individuals with autism, sensory processing disorders, and cognitive impairments. AugieAAC serves anyone in need of a portable Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) solution designed for functional communication. It can be modified with user specific content on-the-fly (directly on the iPad) for quick content changes as ...[More Information]

  18. AVAZ Avaz is a picture based communication app. It is an Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) app designed for children who are non-verbal or who have difficulty speaking. Avaz is designed to expand as the child grows to develop literacy. It tracks therapy sessions to help you measure the child’s progress. Avaz’s vocabulary is color-coded in accordance with the Fitzgerald key. Its speech synthesizer is powered by Acapela. Users are able to select gender, vary the speed of the voice and custom...[More Information]

  19. BATH BATHER Baby Bather is designed for use by infants and toddlers who required additional support during bathing activities. The Baby Bather is designed to fit on the base of the bathtub. The Bather holds the baby securely allowing you to concentrate on washing using two hands. Made from hygienic polypropene with a soft PVC mattress, the Bather has an adjustable backrest for ease of positioning on the bath. DIMENSIONS: Backrest length: 480 millimeters, seat Length 200 millimeters, backrest width 360 mil...[More Information]

  20. BEAR POPPER-ANIMAL POPPER Bear Popper-Animal Popper is designed to increase hand strength and coordination in children in adults. Users grab their Bear around the mid-section and give it a big squeeze! That sudden burst of air pressure pushes out a soft foam ball from the Bears mouth. The harder you squeeze the faster and further the ball will launch. Go the distance or accuracy, with one hand or two. Comes with 6 foam balls and carry net. Various animals are available. OPTIONS: Various animal designs are usua...[More Information]

  21. BEHAVIOR MOTIVATOR Behavior Motivator is an app designed for use by children with cognitive and emotional disabilities. Self-regulation skills have been linked to how successful a child is academically and socially. These strategies can be particularly difficult for students with special needs to master. The Behavior Motivator is a tool that assists children to stay on task to achieve their goals. This tool may be used to help students regulate their time and behavior in the classroom and at home. COLOR: Multip...[More Information]

  22. BI-FOLD SENSOR PAD FOR CHAIR AND BED The Bi-Fold Sensor Pad is a discrete sensor that alerts a caregiver when their patient has fallen from their bed or chair. This dual purpose sensor pad can be folded. In it’s folded format the pad measures 15 inches wide x 15 inches long and can be placed on the wheelchair either above or below the seat cushion. In the unfolded position it measures 15 inches wide x 30 inches long and can be placed under or over the mattress. The pad is liquid resistant. POWER: Wall outlet and/or batteries. D...[More Information]

  23. BOSCH 800 SERIES INDUCTION COOKTOP (MODEL NIT8665) The Bosch 800 Series Induction Cooktop, model NIT8665, is a stainless steel cooktop designed for use by individuals with memory or cognitive disabilities. The cooktop has five heating elements, which can only be activated if suitable cookware is in position on it and not when other metal objects are placed on it. A sensor automatically adjusts the cooking element to the size of the pan bottom. In case of an overflow, an alarm sounds and the unit shuts off. A safety lock prevents the unit from b...[More Information]

  24. BRACELET FASTENING TOOL ------- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: To assist individuals with limited fine motor, strength and dexterity due to arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome manipulate bracelet fasteners. MATERIALS USED: A 14-inch (35.6 centimeter) piece of 16-gauge wire (I used brass craft / picture hanging wire from the hardware store), a ruler or tape measure, a file, cup burr, or knife sharpening stone for smoothing off the wire ends, a ring mandrel, dowel, PVC pipe section, small prescription p...[More Information]

  25. BUSCOT BABEVAC COT Buscot Babevac Cot is designed for use in the hospital environment for easy and safe evacuation of premature and new born babies in the event of fire or emergency. The Buscot Babevac Cot will carry up to three babies, depending on size and condition. Secure storage for small oxygen cylinder on the underside of the cot to allow manual ventilation of baby if required. (Cylinder not included). Adjustable shoulder straps enable the cot to be carried by one or two carriers. Flexible strong constructi...[More Information]

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