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A Dynamic Test Method for Simulating Scooter-Seated Passenger Injury Scenarios on Transit Buses

By van Roosmalen; Linda; Porach, Erik; Turkovich, Michael; Karg, Patricia; Krishnan, Loshna; RESNA/ICTA 2011: Advancing Rehabilitation Technologies for an Aging Society, June 5-8, 2011, Toronto, Canada,
Publication Date: 2011

Paper outlines the design of a simple test method that is able to simulate low level accelerations occurring in large accessible transit vehicles (LATV). The test method was developed to better understand scooter and occupant kinematics and injury scenarios during low acceleration conditions. A rotating test platform was designed to accommodate an unsecured scooter occupied by a modified midsize male Hybrid II Anthropomorphic Test Device (ATD). Two wheelchair motors and a wheelchair controller were used to respectively drive and control the rotational speed of the test platform. A tri-axial accelerometer was mounted onto the platform at the scooter center of gravity and used to record accelerations during testing. When exposed to conditions simulating deceleration, acceleration, and lateral deceleration of an LATV equal to or less than 0.4g, an occupied scooter slid forward, tipped rearward, and tipped sideways, respectively. During exposure to a vehicle deceleration of approximately 0.6g, an unrestrained ATD fell from a fixed scooter and onto the floor. These preliminary results demonstrate that this test method can produce low accelerations and replicate occupied scooter kinematics such as sliding and tipping observed during low acceleration in-vehicle testing. The test method can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of postural supports in preventing occupant falls from a wheeled mobility device, as well as vehicle mounted safety systems designed to contain wheeled mobility devices and retain their occupants while traveling in LATVs.
Published by: Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA)   (Website:

Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA)    (Web Site: )
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