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  1. A Bionic Eye Comes to Market
  2. A Cheap, Portable Wound-Healing Device
  3. A Device to Spot Autism Early
  4. A Helmet to Prevent Paralysis
  5. A Lifelike Prosthetic Arm
  6. A Nightshirt to Monitor Sleep
  7. A Smart, Safe Wheelchair for Kids Who Can’t Walk
  8. A Tongue-Tracking Artificial Larynx
  9. A Video Game for Angry Teens
  10. A Voice-Analysis App to Diagnose Concussions
  11. A Wristwatch That Monitors Blood Pressure
  12. Adding Spring to Robotic Limbs by Doing Away With Some of the Motors
  13. Affordable Speech Synthesizers
  14. An Entrepreneur’s Unfinished Project
  15. App Boosts the Sounds You Have Trouble Hearing
  16. Artificial Pancreas Tracks Two Hormones
  17. Augmented Reality, Wrapped Around Your Finger
  18. Bloodless Diabetes Monitoring
  19. Cheaper Robot Rehabilitation
  20. Computer Vision System Helps Diagnose Autism in Infants
  21. Controlling Prosthetic Limbs With Electrode Arrays
  22. Creating Flexible Robotic Hands
  23. Designing for Everyone
  24. Dialing With Your Thoughts
  25. Do We Need Specialized Hardware for the Deaf?
  26. Eye Tracking for Mobile Control
  27. Finding an Adhesive That Protects Vulnerable Skin
  28. First Mind Controlled Robotic Leg Put Through Its Paces
  29. Free Service to Help Blind People Navigate the Web
  30. Help for Autism
  31. Helping the Deaf Hear Music
  32. Letting Consumers Analyze Their Sleep
  33. Machines for Living
  34. Meet Georgie, a Smartphone for the Blind
  35. Meet Toyota’s Robotic Nurses
  36. Microchip Restores Vision
  37. Microsoft Has an Operating System for Your House
  38. Mining Your Smartphone for Health Data
  39. Mouthpieces Gather Impact Data From Football Players
  40. Personal Exoskeletons for Paraplegics
  41. Replacing Lost Abilities With a Robot
  42. Rethinking the Syringe
  43. Robo-Rehab at Home
  44. Samsung Demos a Tablet Controlled by Your Brain
  45. Seeing Robotics With New Eyes
  46. Sensor Detects Emotions Through the Skin
  47. Simple Sensors to Detect Residents’ Activities
  48. Sleep Sensor Hides Beneath the Mattress
  49. Smart Coating Delivers Drugs
  50. Smart Phones Help Manage Chronic Illness
  51. Smart Shoe: An Electronic Insole Catches Imbalance Early
  52. Software Listens for Hints of Depression
  53. Stimulating New Therapy for Epilepsy
  54. Taming Tinnitus With Electrical Stimulation
  55. The Avatar Will See You Now
  56. The Computer Game That Helps Therapists Chat to Adolescents With Mental Health Problems
  57. The Invisible Hearing Aid
  58. The Puzzling Paradox of Sign Language
  59. Two Devices Treat Alzheimer’s
  60. Wearable Technology Goes to the Hospital
  61. Wheelchair Makes the Most of Brain Control
  62. Your Heartbeat on an iPhone

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