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  1. Ariadne GPS App Offers Innovative Features for Blind iPhone Users
  2. Braille in the Open Office
  3. Bureau of Engraving and Printing Launches EyeNote App to Help the Blind and Visually Impaired With Money
  4. Can’t Find Your Cat? This Device Can Help
  5. Clocks for the Patio or Pool
  6. Create Your Own Sidewalk
  7. Gloves With LED Lights
  8. Guidelines for Making Power Point Presentations Accessible to People With Low Vision
  9. How to Conquer Assistive Technology Barriers for Low-Tech Parents
  10. How to Use Bump Dots to Maximize Accessibility
  11. iBraille by Zeitgeist Games
  12. iPad Review: From a Blindness Perspective
  13. Kapten Talking Pocket GPS System
  14. Keep Track of Your Children With Squeaky Shoes
  15. Learning How to Use VoiceOver With VOStarter App
  16. Little Things That Can Make a Big Difference
  17. Olympus LS-7 and LS-10 Digital Recorders for the Visually Impaired
  18. PlushTalk Ornaments
  19. SELECT Versatile Video Magnifier
  20. SoundGecko: Transcribing Articles Into Audio Files
  21. SpeaksVolumz Talking Measuring Cup
  22. SpeedDots Clear Embossed Screen-Protectors Help Blind/Visually Impaired Navigate iOS Devices With Ease
  23. The Bucks Stop Here: Keeping Track of Your Cash
  24. The Slik-Stik Walking Stick
  25. The Spider Podium Holder for Your Phone
  26. Verizon’s Mobile Accessibility Suite of Apps
  27. What to Consider When Buying a CCTV
  28. What’s Your Type? A Key to Input Methods for VoiceOver Users

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