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Adult Powered Wheelchair

FORTRESS 760FS & 760V     

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--- DISCONTINUED. (Verified 6/96) RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. --- Powered wheelchair base with four seat options. Modular unit construction allows easy disassembly, each module weighs approximately 55 pounds. Two 24 volt DC motors with separate gear boxes. Direct drive. Solid state joystick controls, adjustable speed, battery condition indicator and horn. Flip up battery cover allows easy access. Four 10 by 3 inch interchangeable pneumatic tires with outdoor traction. 30 inch turning radius, pivoting front axle. Low center of gravity for stability on rough terrain. Automatic disc brakes with manual release or optional electric release. Four seat options. Deluxe: vinyl covered, cushioned seat with cushioned, tilting arm rests, swinging detachable foot rests; seat swivels 180 degrees; 24 inches wide, seat 20 inches deep. Standard: vinyl seat and back, removable full length arm rests, swinging detachable foot rests detachable back; seat swivels 180 degrees; seat 19 inches deep. Both deluxe and standard available with narrow 16 inch seat. Orthopaedic: fully adjustable back, adjustable and tilting armrests, fully adjustable and detachable footrests; seat can swivel 180 degrees when push bar removed; seat 19 inches deep. 14 inch Junior Childs Chair: cushioned seat and back, tilting arm rests, seat swivels 180 degrees, leg rests mounted to main frame; seat 12 inches deep, back 14 inches high. All seats easily mounted or removed through center post design.

Notes: Large 6 cubic feet utility basket is available to replace seat.

Price: 5195.00.

This product record was updated on January 16, 2001.

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Fortress Inc

To the best of our knowledge, this company no longer sells assistive products. We list inactive companies for reference purposes only. The contact information listed is the last known for this company; current contact information is not available. If you have updated information on this company, please contact AbleData.

PO Box 489
Clovis, California 93613-0489
United States
Telephone: 800-866-4335 or 209-323-0292.
Fax: 209-323-0299 F.
Web: No known web address.

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