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Powered Wheelchair Alternative


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-------- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a motorized wheelchair powered by gasoline that can be used by individuals with mobility disabilities to participate in off-road activities such as hunting and fishing. This prototype uses a small motorcycle engine and the chair is capable of reaching speeds up to 25 miles per hour and geared to handle hills. A do-it-yourself kit is expected to be available through Motive Transportation in January 2010. The kit uses an engine almost identical to one Honda used on its mini bikes in the 1970s. Now made in China, the compact engine and automatic transmission bolt onto the wheelchair frame underneath the seat. The estimated cost of the kit is $1,200. The price does not include the chair or the engine, which is sold by another company for about $150 and comes in different sizes from 50 to 100 cubic centimeters. The kit includes: the drive train, controls, and other components such as a half-gallon gas tank. The current prototype gets about 44 miles per gallon. Putting together the MOTIVE motorized wheelchair kit requires the same skill level as putting together a bicycle. TITLE: Necedah firm off to the races with wheelchair idea. JOURNAL: Journal Sentinel Online. REF:

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