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Floor Mounted Grab Bar for Toilet

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  1. 800 SERIES GRAB BAR FOR TOILET (MODEL 039) The 800 Series Grab Bar for Toilet ##039 is a stainless steel floor mounted safety frame for a toilet. The frame consists of two parallel rails that form an upside down U shape and mount in the floor at 4 places. A perpendicular rail runs behind the toilet and connects the two rails. These grab bars are available with a concealed or exposed mounting, and have a standard safety clearance of 1.5 inches. DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 22 x 22 x 28 inches with 1, 1.25, or 1.5 inch diameter tubing. FINISH: Stan...[More Information]

  2. DEVON FLOOR-MOUNTED FOLDING RAIL Picture of DEVON FLOOR-MOUNTED FOLDING RAIL The Devon Floor-Mounted Folding Rail is a floor-mounted grab bar for toilet designed for use by individuals with mobility or balance disabilities. The U-shaped epoxy-coated steel tube rail is affixed to a floor-mounted post using an adjustable clamp. A large plastic adjustment knob enables the rail to be placed wherever needed on the post. A spring mechanism reduces the effort required to lower and raise the rail, and holds it up securely out of the way when not in use. The post is fixed to a fl...[More Information]

  3. OFF-THE-POT Picture of OFF-THE-POT Off-the-Pot is a floor- or wall-mounted grab bar designed to assist with bathroom mobility for individuals with balance, neurological, lower extremity, or mobility disabilities or arthritis or spinal cord injury. The unit can assist with transfers to and from a wheelchair or walker, seated balance, and balance upon standing. This device can be positioned on the right- or left- hand side of the toilet, beside the bathtub, or between the tub and toilet, and mounts to the floor or wall. Features in...[More Information]

  4. PRESSALIT TOILET SUPPORTS Pressalit Toilet Supports are grab bars designed for providing additional support to individuals using the toilet. They are available in wall-mounted or free standing frame styles, with or without front support legs, and with or without height adjustability. The wall models fold up to the wall. OPTIONS: Front chest supports, back supports, back with side supports, and a toilet paper holder....[More Information]

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