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Hydraulic Bath Lift

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  1. HOYER BATHLIFT (MODELS CHBL1 & CHBL2) Jack type hydraulic lift device, user or attendant operated, clamps on edge of bath tub. C1 commode type seat, or C2 fiberglass bucket seat. No armrests. Optional floor mount available. CAPACITY: 250 pounds....[More Information]

  2. LIFT BATH CHAIR (MODEL 21383) Height adjustable bathtub lift for unassisted bathtub transfers. Floor mounted. Standard 2 part seat. Detachable backrest. Full length arms. Hydraulically adjustable with hand pump and lowering button. Controls located for independent user activation. Compact size suitable for home use. Plastic parts: injection moulded polypropylene. Finish seat frame and hydraulic pillar: electrostatic powder painted with epoxy polyester. Hydraulic system: hand operated. Stroke: 500mm. Working range: minimum 0-...[More Information]

  3. PORTABLE BATH LIFT (MODEL 7189) Picture of PORTABLE BATH LIFT (MODEL 7189) Portable Bath Lift, model 7189, is a hydraulic bath lift designed for use by individuals with balance, mobility, or lower extremity disabilities. Its hydraulic cylinder uses standard tap water pressure to operate. It has a one-piece contoured seat, a suctioned base, and non-corroding arms. The adjustable height seat rotates 360 degrees. The lift is latex free. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): Seat is 2 to 21 x 15 x 15 inches. Base is 20 x 26 inches. CAPACITY: 200 pounds. WEIGHT: 19 pounds....[More Information]

  4. QUICKLIFT II Picture of QUICKLIFT II Quicklift II is a pediatric hydraulic bath lift designed for use by caregivers of children with lower extremity, neurological, or severe physical disabilities. It is a portable, lightweight lifting device that helps caregivers lower and lift a child in and out of the bathtub. To use the device, it is placed in the tub, where suction cups hold it in place while a hydraulic cylinder raises and lowers the frame. It accommodates the Robby bathing support (see separate entry). The lift has a growth-a...[More Information]

  5. TUBMATE Picture of TUBMATE The TubMate is a hydraulic bath lift designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or neurological disabilities. The lift is powered by water pressure. It requires a minimum water pressure of 20 psi and a 100 psi maximum. The base attaches to the bathtub with four suction cups. Molded plastic seat with drain holes and fixed arms. Control valve attached to arm. Lifting height is 19 inches. Seat swivels over side of tub for transfer. OPTIONS: Tub spout; seat belt. COLORS: White powder coat ...[More Information]

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