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Toilet Seat Deflector

Products are listed alphabetically.

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  1. 6855 SOFT DEFLECTOR & 6856 PERSONAL DEFLECTOR Picture of 6855 SOFT DEFLECTOR & 6856 PERSONAL DEFLECTOR The 6855 Soft Deflector and the 6856 Personal Deflector are toilet seat deflectors for use with toilet seat covers. The 6855 is made to fit onto the 6850 Toilet Seat Cover with Reducer ring (see separate entry). These devices are made of vinyl-coated foam and snap into place on the front of the seat. The Personal Deflector has a waist band that holds the soft deflector in place. The Soft Deflector is available in a clamp on style or permanent mount style. SIZES: Small, Medium or Large. DIMENSION...[More Information]

  2. COLUMBIA SOFT FLEX SPLASH GUARD (MODEL 4975) Picture of COLUMBIA SOFT FLEX SPLASH GUARD (MODEL 4975) The Columbia Soft Flex Splash Guard, model 4975, is an adult size toilet seat urine deflector shield. This flexible guard slips on any toilet seat, including open front seats, on any toilet. INSTALLATION: Attach from inside of toilet and snap two straps (instructions included). DIMENSIONS (HxW): 5.5 x 6 inches. COLOR: White. WARRANTY: One year full warranty against defects....[More Information]

  3. DERBY P-GUARD Picture of DERBY P-GUARD The Derby P-Guard, model 60341, is toilet seat deflector designed for use by men and boys with balance, lower extremity, mobility, or other physical disabilities. Designed for males who sit to use the toilet, the flexible P-Guard cup deflects urine down into the toilet while the attached flap prevents spillage under the toilet seat. This device can be attached to porcelain toilets with self-adhesive pads (included), or it can be attached to any toilet seat with screws. Jointed links allow for va...[More Information]

  4. FLOW GUIDE --- CUSTOM ADAPTATION --- PURPOSE: To enable a man with motor neuron disease to urinate in privacy. Designed for use with a commode chair, this device consists of a vertical length of 50-millimeter PVC pipe with a PVC elbow at the top. A flexible, waterproof gooseneck made of Locline (used for applying coolant when machining metals), extends from the back of the PVC elbow. At the bottom of the gooseneck is a stainless steel tube which fits into a corresponding tube attached to the bottom front o...[More Information]

  5. MADDAGUARD SPLASH GUARD Picture of MADDAGUARD SPLASH GUARD The MaddaGuard Splash Guard is a toilet seat deflector designed for use by men and boys with physical disabilities. Constructed of durable lightweight plastic, the splash guard is intended to direct urine flow down into the toilet. It can be washed with soap and water or soaked if necessary. The urine shield fits most regular and elevated toilet seats. COLOR: White....[More Information]

  6. P-GUARD The P-Guard is a urine deflector that blocks the gap between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl. Designed for potty-training toddlers and for individuals who have difficulty controlling their urine stream, the P-Guard will help keep urine in the bowl and off clothing and the bathroom floor. Due to its sleek, innovative design, the P-Guard looks like it is part of the toilet seat, and it is completely hidden when the toilet seat is down. The P-Guard snaps into place and can be removed for cleani...[More Information]

  7. POTTY SHIELD Picture of POTTY SHIELD The Potty Shield is a toileting aid designed for use by men and boys with physical disabilities. This removable device sits on the rim of the toilet and, once the seat has been lifted, converts the toilet into a urinal. The unit can be placed on or removed from the toilet as needed by the user or a caregiver. After use, unit can be sanitized with a disposable wipe or mild soap and water solution. A floor mat is included....[More Information]

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