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Swimming Pool Ramp

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  1. ACCESS RAMP Picture of ACCESS RAMP The Access Ramp is a swimming pool ramp designed for use by individuals with mobility, severe physical, or lower extremity disabilities or spinal cord injury. Custom fabricated for each pool, this ramp has a structural fiberglass T-Bar slip-resistant surface and wheels for portability. Mounting hardware is included. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 15 feet x 36 inches. CAPACITY: 400 pounds....[More Information]

  2. AQUA RAMP Picture of AQUA RAMP The Aqua Ramp is a portable swimming pool ramp designed to provide swimming pool access for wheelchair users and others who have difficulty using a ladder or steps. This lightweight aluminum ramp has non-skid surfaces, and it is wide enough for most aquatic wheelchairs. It automatically adjusts with movable floor systems. The ramp includes a lower platform. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 12 x 3 feet; lower platform is 3 feet long. WEIGHT: 250 pounds. WARRANTY: 5 year structural warranty....[More Information]

  3. AQUATREK RAMP Picture of AQUATREK RAMP The AquaTrek Ramp is a swimming pool ramp designed for use by individuals with arthritis or mobility disabilities. This ramp includes handrails, and is constructed with a stainless steel skeleton encased in a rigid PVC skin. The deck anchors are made of cast bronze. It can be left in ramp formation, configured into a step system (in appropriate pool depths), or used as underwater parallel bars. OPTIONS: Elevation kits for decreasing the slope of ramp. DIMENSIONS: Treads are 30 inches wide. SIZES...[More Information]

  4. POOL RAMP --- CUSTOM ADAPTATION --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual with mobility disabilities to access a pool either while walking or using a wheelchair. This ramp was constructed as part of the in-ground pool as part of the shell. Made of premium plaster to prevent cracking and crumbling, the ramp is enclosed by a deck railing for support while walking. The deck was also ramped to meet the doorway of the user’s home in anticipation of a future need for a wheelchair. TITLE: Doing It Yourself. JOURNAL: ...[More Information]

  5. SWIMMING POOL ACCESS RAMP Portable stainless steel access ramp with siderails allows gradual incline into swimming pool. Nonslip hard polyvinylchloride flooring. Ramp raises as AFW movable floor raises. Easily removable. Can be installed without movable floor....[More Information]

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