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Head Support

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  1. 6628 SIDE OPENING HEAD SUPPORT Picture of 6628 SIDE OPENING HEAD SUPPORT The 6628 Side Opening Head Support is designed for use by individuals who are unable to independently maintain proper head positioning. Available in three sizes, this support cradles the entire head and may be used mounted or unmounted to a seating system or wheelchair. Made of closed cell vinyl-coated foam, the support features reinforced front and back plates, a hinge on one side, and a quick release buckle on the other side for ease in use. SIZES: Unmounted extra small, unmounted small, unmou...[More Information]

  2. 6809 HIGH BACK HENSINGER HEAD SUPPORT Picture of 6809 HIGH BACK HENSINGER HEAD SUPPORT The 6809 High Back Hensinger Head Support is a head and neck support that consists of the 6810 Hensinger Head Support (see separate entry) with a 1.5 to 2 inch higher back for additional occipital support. The cushions are made of vinyl coated foam. The device comes unmounted or mounted. SIZES: Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large. COLOR: Blue or black....[More Information]

  3. 6810 HENSINGER HEAD SUPPORT Picture of 6810 HENSINGER HEAD SUPPORT The 6810 Hensinger Head Support is a wrap around collar designed to support the head by using base support areas at the occiput and jaw line. Manufacturer recommends this support be used in conjunction with chest support to help maintain mid-line head positioning. (Proper head positioning should result in improved breathing, swallowing, and simplified feeding; and may also be conducive to more social interaction and awareness during classroom activities.) The support fastens with a one-snap rele...[More Information]

  4. 6812 MODULAR HEAD REST Picture of 6812 MODULAR HEAD REST The 6812 Modular Head Rest with Mount Plate is a head and neck support designed for use with the Hensinger Break-Away-Mount Plate (see separate entry). An adjustable vertical connector attaches the two devices together. Three vinyl coated foam discs cradle the head and may be adjusted for the use of head switches. COLOR: Black....[More Information]

  5. 6815 HENSINGER WITH MOUNT BAR Picture of 6815 HENSINGER WITH MOUNT BAR The 6815 Hensiger with Mount Bar consists of the 6810 Hensinger Head Support (see separate entry) mounted on an aluminum bar designed to be attached to TumbleForm feeder seats or Danmar Trunk Support (see separate entries). The device slides over the seat with back buckle fasteners. Channel brackets for securing the bar after the head support is positioned are included. SIZES: Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large. COLOR: Bright blue. These custom colors are available for an additional $26: light...[More Information]

  6. 6821 SIZE REDUCER Picture of 6821 SIZE REDUCER The 6821 Size Reducer is a foam insert designed to accommodate persons between sizes of the Hensinger Head Support (see separate entry). The vinyl coated foam insert fits into the inner circumference and has velcro straps which wrap around the head support. There are two models: Narrow and Wide. The narrow model can be used over or under the covers. The wide model adds some additional occipital support as the top foam piece folds over the back of the Hensinger. SIZES: Narrow or Wide. DIMENSIONS...[More Information]

  7. ACUBACK HEAT ROLLER FOR BACK PAIN RELIEF The Acuback heat roller is designed to relieve tension with therapeutic warmth. IT is microwavable and offers back and neck support. Nubby or textured supports create acupuncture-like therapy to release tight muscles and the design recreates the natural curve of the lumbar spine. Realigns the upper back and neck. Place it under neck, lower back, legs, or hands. Warm in microwave for one minute for 75 minutes of deep, soothing heat. Carrying case included. DIMENSIONS: 7 inches in length....[More Information]

  8. ADJUSTABLE HEAD SUPPORT The Adjustable Head Support is a padded head positioner with support legs designed to enable the head to be supported in prone, supine, or seated positions. The angle of support can be adjusted by altering the support legs. It may be useful for diagnostic testing, therapeutic massage, and cranial compression. OPTIONS: Extension legs are available. DIMENSIONS: Extension legs are five inches long....[More Information]

  9. DEEP U HEADREST (MODEL DUHR100) Picture of DEEP U HEADREST (MODEL DUHR100) The Deep U Headrest, model DUHR100, is a wheelchair headrest designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury and other people who use wheelchairs who need to keep their heads positioned upright and centered. DIMENSIONS: 11 x 5 inches....[More Information]

  10. DYNAMIC FOREHEAD STRAP SYSTEM (MODEL DFS-1) The Dynamic Forehead Strap System is a headrest accessory designed to support the head for individuals who have difficulty maintaining their head in an upright position. It is meant for use with the S.O.F.T. headrest system (see separate entry). The system consists of pulleys that allow the forehead band to move with the user, providing greater freedom of movement. The strap is designed to float about freely with the user. The straps are available in two different styles. The first features a te...[More Information]

  11. GERIMATE BOLSTER The Gerimate Bolster is a back support cushion designed to offer support and comfort for persons using Geri-chairs. WARRANTY: If merchandise is received in damaged condition, a claim must be reported within five days from date of receipt of shipment....[More Information]

  12. HAT HOLDER HEAD SUPPORT -------- DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To provide a do-it-yourself solution for a young lady with head mobility issues to keep her head from falling forward while communicating and/or eating. A sturdy post was attached to the back of the young lady’s wheelchair. Various hats, headbands, etc. were modified by adding a string and hook. The string and hook are attached to the post on the back of the wheelchair keeping the young lady’s head upright. TITLE: The Hat Holder. WEBSITE: Worksh...[More Information]

  13. HEAD POD The Head Pod is a head and neck support system designed for children with inadequate head control with combined hypotonia of the neck and trunk. Straps fitted around the user's head are connected to a support over the user's head which is attached to the rear of the user's wheelchair. Users who benefit from the Headpod include children ages 2-12 years old who are unable to sustain the weight of their own head due to neck weakness, provided that there is no high extensor tone in the trunk or sign...[More Information]

  14. HEAD SUPPORT The Head Support is a head positioner designed to disperse pressure on the head for individuals who must remain in a lateral or supine position for extended periods. The concave support features a triangular cut-out in the center to float the ear when the user is in a lateral position or the back of the head when supine. This support is available in a choice of economy or standard density....[More Information]

  15. HEAD SUPPORT SYSTEM (MODELS PLUSH-1 & PLUSH-2) The Head Support System, models PLUSH-1 and PLUSH-2, is designed to provide comfort and support for individuals who have difficulty holding their head in an upright position. The base is a durable metal panel which is padded with two layers of foam that makes them feel as soft as pillows. They are covered in zippered Darlexx fabric and are easy to remove for washing. This head support system comes with a choice of hardware: swingaway mounting hardware; detachable hardware; fixed mounting hardwar...[More Information]

  16. HEAD-MOUNT FOR CHIN SWITCH ------- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- A thermoplastic “hat” with an attached wire which is bent down around the face and under the chin. The switch is attached with Velcro to a small thermoplastic square at the end of the wire under the chin. PURPOSE: To stabilize a switch for activation using jaw movements. MATERIALS USED: Low temperature thermoplastic material, 18 inch x 6 inch sheet, preferably colored, stiff wire, such as hanger wire, about 20 inch long, plastic welder glue, pressur...[More Information]

  17. HEADSUP FLEXIBLE HEAD SUPPORT SYSTEM Picture of HEADSUP FLEXIBLE HEAD SUPPORT SYSTEM HeadsUp is a head support designed for use by children and adults with neurological or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This support consists of a hat and flexible elastic bands that fasten around a wheelchair headrest or high seat or chair back to hold the head up. Each side adjusts independently from the other, creating the ability to apply the desired amount of tension. As the elastic stretches, it allows a full range of motion;as the elastic stretches, the resistance incre...[More Information]

  18. HYDRO SUPPORT CONFIGURATION (MODEL HSC-1) The Hydro Support Configuration, model HSC-1, is head support system designed for supporting the enlarged heads of individuals with hydrocephalus. It is a collection of four modular pads allowing a wide variety of positioning and options. Each cushion is padded with high quality foam and locks securely into place with ball and socket brackets. The cover is sewn from Darlexx water resistant lycra that is soft to the touch against the head. This head support system comes with a choice of hardware:...[More Information]

  19. LARGE OXBOW HEADREST (MODEL LOX100) Picture of LARGE OXBOW HEADREST (MODEL LOX100) The Large Oxbow Headrest, model LOX100, is a headrest designed for use by use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury and other people who use wheelchairs who rotate their heads while seated in a wheelchair. It has flared ends that provide a flat area to rest the cheek when the head is turned to either side, and it is made of multi-layered foam with a zippered cover. DIMENSIONS (LxH): 16 x 8 inches....[More Information]

  20. LARGE PADDED HEADREST (MODEL CPH100) Picture of LARGE PADDED HEADREST (MODEL CPH100) The Large Padded Headrest, movel CPH100, s a wheelchair headrest designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury and other people who use wheelchairs. This large multi-layered foam padded headrest provides comfort, support, and positioning. The headrest comes with a zippered Triptex cover. DIMENSIONS: 13 x 10 inches....[More Information]

  21. LATERAL FACIAL COMPONENT (MODEL LFC-1) The Lateral Facial Component model LFC-1 is an accessory for the SOFT-1 or SOFT-2 headrest systems (see separate entries) that provides additional support to persons with severe ATNR or difficulty aligning in midline position. The support consists of two independently adjustable pads placed in front of the user's ears and extending from approximately the cheekbone to the crest of the head. The user's hearing or visual field is only minimally interfered by the device. The LFC-1 may be ordered thr...[More Information]

  22. NE-AT SEAT Picture of NE-AT SEAT The NE-AT Seat is a modular seating system of comfortable and supportive positioning pads designed for use in wheelchairs. Although each piece is available and can be used independently, the full NE-AT Seat comprises the NE-AT Seat, NE-AT Back, and NE-AT Headrest and is designed to fit into any mobility aid. The reusable and reshapable positioning pads are constructed of thick rubber bonded to nylon and filled with Styrofoam beads. This not only creates an airtight bladder, but adds cushionin...[More Information]

  23. NODSTOP SPECIAL NEEDS Picture of NODSTOP SPECIAL NEEDS The Nodstop Special Needs is a head support designed for use by individuals with cerebral palsy, weak neck and shoulder muscles, or neurological disabilities such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or multiple sclerosis (MS) who require assistance in holding their head upright while in a seated or semi-reclined position. It keeps the user's head, neck and shoulders in an upright position, and assists caregivers by holding up the user's head so the caregiver can have both hands free to feed t...[More Information]

  24. NODSTOP TRAVEL Picture of NODSTOP TRAVEL The Nodstop Travel is a head support designed for use as a comfort aid that promotes relaxation through support and stabilization of the head,neck and shoulders during travel, and by encouraging proper body mechanics and posture for healthy breathing and circulation. It can help provide restful sleep, relaxed neck and shoulder muscles, reduced pain and strain during travel, stabilized body posture and spine position, and improved breathing and circulation. It is for passengers using all modes o...[More Information]

  25. OCCI DISH The OCCI Dish is a head support designed to relieve preesure from the back of the head. This support features a detachable cervical pad and a Durafilm-coated core for moisturer resistance....[More Information]

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