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Foot Positioner

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  1. ADVANTAGE REVLOVE HINGED ANKLE BRACE The Advantage Revolve Hinged Ankle Brace provides critical foot and arch support while resisting inversion and eversion. It is designed for use by individuals with weak or injured ankle and aching arches to relieve pain. It will also prevent injuries when worn during sporting or daily activities. The ankle is supported by ligaments, which are assisted by muscles and tendons. Every time you take a step, they all work in unison to keep the foot in the correct position. Commonly, “rolling the an...[More Information]

  2. ALIMED STANDARD MULTIBOOT (MODELS 62836, 69620, 61002, 62744, 62719, 63145, & 62206) Picture of ALIMED STANDARD MULTIBOOT (MODELS 62836, 69620, 61002, 62744, 62719, 63145, & 62206) The AliMed Standard MultiBoot is boot orthosis and foot protector designed for use with individuals with lower extremity disabilities. The backbone of the MultiBoot features a swing-out antirotation bar and a height-adjustable footplate to prevent bedding from pressing on the toes and feet. Locking slots are mated to the antirotation bar to prevent shifting. The foot is swaddled in a soft Kodel-type Velcro-closure sock attatched to the MultiBoot backbone to hold the foot without irritation. The ...[More Information]

  3. BUNNY BOOT FOOT SUPPORT (MODEL BK6171) Picture of BUNNY BOOT FOOT SUPPORT (MODEL BK6171) The Bunny Boot Foot Support is a foot positioner designed for use by individuals at risk for pressure sores or ulcers. .This Kodel lined boot is attached to a plastic frame with elastic webbing. The device holds the foot at 90 degrees and attachment to the heel can be rotated and locked to control internal or external rotation. The boot is held in place with Velcro closures and can be conveniently removed for laundry or replacement. SIZE: One size fits right or left leg....[More Information]

  4. CRADLE BOOT. (STANDARD AND ORIGINAL MODELS) The Cradle Boot is a foot positioner designed to support the foot without pressure on the heel while preventing external rotation. Both foam boots feature ventilation holes and a square base. The Standard model features a trough to support the foot and an adjustable strap to keep the foot in place. The Original model is designed for individuals with spasticity and encases the entire foot to keep it in position. The foot is inserted in the end and an opening in the top allows the toes to protrude...[More Information]

  5. ELITE ORTHO ADVANTAGE PREMIERE ADJUSTABLE NIGHT SPLINT Elite Ortho Advantage Premiere Adjustable Night Splint is designed to provide continuous gentle stretching of the Plantar Fascia and Achilles tendon. Plantar Fasciitis is when the band of tissue (ligament) that connects your heel bone to your toes gets strained and is the most typical cause of heel and arch pain. One of the longer tendons in your body, stretching from the bones of your heel to your calf muscles is the Achilles tendon. Anyone that is on their feet for long periods of time are m...[More Information]

  6. FOOT DROP STOP (300 SERIES & 500 SERIES) Picture of FOOT DROP STOP (300 SERIES & 500 SERIES) The Foot Drop Stop is a foot positioner designed to prevent foot drop. Both models elevate the heel and ankle and feature a Ring-of-Air design for ventilation and an adjustable foot strap. The 500 Series (Standard model) has a square base and the 300 Series (Economy model) has an octagonal base for multiple positioning options....[More Information]

  7. FOOT ELEVATOR (MODEL 555-8072-0121) Picture of FOOT ELEVATOR (MODEL 555-8072-0121) The Foot Elevator, model 555-8072-0121, is a foot and leg positioner designed for use by individuals at risk for pressure sores/ulcers. This doughnut-shaped cushion eliminates pressure on the foot and ankle and provides air circulation to these areas. The washable flannelette cover has an adjustable hook-and- loop closure. DIMENSIONS: 4 inches wide....[More Information]

  8. FOOT HARNESSES (MODELS 2A, 2B, & 2C) The Foot Harness is a foot pedal attachment designed to keep feet fixed in place and provide neutral foot control on surfaces such as wheelchair plates and bicycle pedals. Sold in pairs, these foot harnesses promote proper alignment and weight bearing while helping to avoid injuries to the feet. Mounting hardware is included. The harnesses have a sandal-like design (heel/ankle straps) and a plastic mounting base for snap on/off attachment to the pedals. The length and width are adjustable. SIZES...[More Information]

  9. GELBODIES HEEL AND ANKLE PROTECTORS Gelbodies Heel and Ankle Protectors are designed for individuals who have been confined to a bed for a long period of time and are at risk of developing pressure sores. The Gelbodies Heel and Ankle Protectors use a pressure relieving gel called "TRUGEL", which is found in high-end wheelchair cushions, to offer additional padding to points on the body where pressure sores tend to form. The addition of padding to these areas improves circulation to those points by evenly distributing your body we...[More Information]

  10. INDEPENDENT The Independent is an adjustable vertical stander designed for children from 18 months old to young adult who require moderate levels of support when weight bearing while in supported standing. The Independent supports users at the feet, knees, hips and trunk. The height, width and angle can be adjusted independently for a customized fit. It is designed to promote increased comfort and support by providing soft, padded thoracic and pelvic bands as well as padded knee cups. The Independent comes...[More Information]

  11. JENX PRONE STANDER - SIZE 2 - GREEN Jenx Prone Stander-Green is a dedicated prone stander designed to provide support anteriorly for children with mobility and neurological impairments such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida and Tethered spinal cord syndrome. The individual support pads can be adjusted in relation to each other to ensure a proper fit. Children with longer bodies and shorter legs can be just as comfortable as those with shorter bodies and longer legs. The hip and chest straps are closed in the center and then adjust...[More Information]

  12. MULTI-PODUS SPLINT SYSTEM Foot positioner with positive heel clearance. Plastic with sheep skin wrapping. Adjustable velcro straps. Weight 12 oz. Has rotator bar for controlling hip and leg rotation. Aids in healing of foot and leg ulcers. Prevents foot inversion/eversion. Sizes: adult, large, youth....[More Information]

  13. ORTHOCARE ANTI-ROTATION DEVICE (MODEL 2046) The Orthocare Anti-rotation Device ##2046 is a wedge shaped foot positioner that attaches to any Orthocare SPACEBOOT (see separate entry). The plate attaches to the footrest of the SPACEBOOT to allow controlled interior or exterior rotation of the hip and leg. Nylon thumb nuts lock the plate securely to the boot. NOTE: These plates are not sold independently; The Anti-rotation Device must be ordered when purchasing any style of SPACEBOOT....[More Information]

  14. ORTHOCARE CONTOUR CLOG FOOT DROP ORTHOSIS (MODEL 1114) The Orthocare Contour Clog Foot-drop Orthosis ##1114 is a foam foot positioner anDE d heel protector designed to help prevents foot drop, and is anatomically contouDE red to help prevent heel pressure. The positioner has a side vent opening that a DE llows cross ventilation with visual contact of the heel or decubitus ulcer. A PoDE lynap strap secures the orthosis to the foot....[More Information]

  15. ORTHOCARE RIGID FRAME SPACEBOOT & EXTENDED SPACEBOOT The Orthocare Rigid Frame SPACEBOOT and Extended SPACEBOOT are foot positioners designed to aid in eliminating, and accelerating the healing of decubitus ulcers of the heel, preventing heel cord shortening (footdrop), preventing internal or external rotation of the hip and leg, accelerating rehabilitation, and helping to keep the knee in extension. The boot consists of a rigid frame and foam insert. The Rigid Frame model (##1027, $36.25) has 2 Polynap straps with Velcro fasteners to secure the s...[More Information]

  16. ORTHOCARE SPACEBOOT The Orthocare SPACEBOOT is a device that acts as a drop-foot splint, heel protector, and/or foot positioner. This boot was designed to position the ankle in a neutral position, and to prevent foot drop and heel cord shortening, inversion and eversion of the foot, and internal or external rotation of the hip and leg. The standard assembled SPACEBOOT consists of a plastic boot-shaped frame, foam insert, and 3 Velcro or Polynap straps with adjustable foam pads for positive restraint and for securin...[More Information]

  17. POSEY FOOT ELEVATOR (MODELS 6532 & 6533) The Posey Foot Elevator, model 6532 and 6533, is foot positioner to prevent the formation of decubitus ulcers. This foam circle fits around ankle to help raise heel and has a Velcro closure. Its machine washable cotton flannel liner helps protect skin and improve comfort. Accommodates limbs up to 12 inches in circumference. DIMENSIONS (W): 4 inches (model 6532); 6 inch (6533)....[More Information]

  18. POSEY FOOT-GUARD (MODELS 6410 & 6412) The Posey Foot-Guard, models 6410 and 6412, is a heel protector and foot positioner designed for use with individals at risk for footdrop and pressure ulcers on the heel. The unit fits the right or left foot and the large rigid plastic shell extends beyond toes and helps keep bedding off the toes while maintaining proper foot positioning. Both models feature a polyester pile fabric liner and two padded Velcro straps. Model 6412 also features an adjustable T bar at heel to maintain desired angle ...[More Information]

  19. ROLYAN FOOT DROP ORTHOSIS (MODEL 6180) Picture of ROLYAN FOOT DROP ORTHOSIS (MODEL 6180) The Rolyan Foot Drop Orthosis, model 6180, is a foot drop positioner designed for use by individuals at risk of footdrop, pressure sores or ulcers. The foam liner is contoured to help prevent heel pressure and fits right or left foot. Features include side opening for cross ventilation and flame retardant vinyl wipes. The device fastens securely with a Polysnap strap. The foam material can be washed with detergent. DIMENSION: The base is 15.75 inches wide....[More Information]

  20. ROLYAN FOOT DROP SPLINT WITH EXPANDED HEEL (MODELS A634400-A634403) Picture of ROLYAN FOOT DROP SPLINT WITH EXPANDED HEEL (MODELS A634400-A634403) The Rolyan Foot Drop Splint With Expanded Heels are foot positioner designed for use by individual with lower extremity disabilities or foot injuries. The splints provide 90 degrees of dorsiflexion at the ankle for persons with weak or injured ankles. They also includes an expanded heel section in order to reduce contact with the feet; this design also helps to prevent excessive pressure and friction on the heel area. DIMENSIONS: Determined by shoe size. A634-400 (Small) - fits women 5 to 7, men...[More Information]

  21. ROLYAN PREFORMED FOOT DROP SPLINT (MODELS A6341 to A6343) Picture of ROLYAN PREFORMED FOOT DROP SPLINT (MODELS A6341 to A6343) The Rolyan Preformed Foot Drop Splint, models A634-1 to 3, is a foot positioner designed to provide 90 degrees of dorsiflexion at the ankle for persons with weak or injured ankles. Made with prepadded Polycushion, this splint can be modified to user preference by using a heat gun or hot water. This product is not designed for ambulatory use. It also includes all the necessary strapping. DIMENSIONS: Fit is determined by shoe size. Model A634-1 (Small) - fits women 5 to 7, men 6 to 8; A634-2 (Medi...[More Information]

  22. SCHAEFFER ABDUCTION PILLOW. The Schaeffer Abduction Pillow is a leg abduction positioner designed to maintain the legs in the desired position. The large foam wedge fits between legs and adjustable foam straps secure the wedge to the user's legs. The set also includes a pair of detachable cradle boots (see also separate entry) to protect and position feet. This device enables the user to be turned to 90 degrees to prevent sacral pressure sores. SIZES: Medium only. DIMENSIONS: 23 x 14 x 4 x 7 inches....[More Information]

  23. SHOE HOLDERS (MODELS 30101S, 30101M, 30101L, 30102S, 30102M, & 30102L) Picture of SHOE HOLDERS (MODELS 30101S, 30101M, 30101L, 30102S, 30102M, & 30102L) Shoe Holders are foot positioners designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. Made of Haircell plastic with nylon straps with quick-release plastic buttons, these shoe-shaped positioners ensure proper positioning of the feet. The 30101 models have one-inch on center mounting holes. The 30102 models do not have mounting holes. SIZES: Both the 30101 and 30102 models are available in small, medium, and large. DIMENSIONS (WxL): The small holders are 4.3 x 6 inches. The medium holders are 4....[More Information]

  24. SILICONE PLANTAR CUSHIONS Silicone pad enhances your foot's natural footpad to relieve forefoot pressure. Our plantar cushions with silicone gel can reduce ball-of-foot pain caused by metatarsalgia, calluses, rheumatism or too many hours on your feet. Thin enough to be worn in virtually any shoe. The insert distributes your body weight over the whole pressure zone and enhances the natural footpad. Mesh bag for washing included. SIZES: Women's 8-9.5; Men's 7.5-8.5. WEIGHT: 1.6 ounces. COLOR: Beige. WARRANTY/GUAR...[More Information]

  25. SMALL L300 FOOT DROP SYSTEM The Small Ness L300 Foot Drop system is a functional electrical stimulation (FES) system designed for use by children affected by foot drop as a result of upper motor neuron injuries, mobility can be a daily struggle and result in difficulty in enjoying many childhood activities. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer ...[More Information]

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