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Automatic Van Door Control

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  1. AUTOMATIC VAN DOOR OPENER (MODEL V6) Automatic van door opener operates from switches inside and outside of van. Opens side sliding door. 12 volt DC motor utilizes existing van battery....[More Information]

  2. BRAUN BUILT AUTOMATIC SWING DOOR OPERATORS FOR REAR POST SWING-A-WAY LIFT Door operator package to work with swing doors in vans with the rear post Swing-A-Way lift (Chevy and Ford full size vans only). Sequenced to operate with one switch and uses the same peripheral controls as other Braun lifts. Quick release mechanism to freely open the doors in the event of a power failure....[More Information]

  3. POWER DOOR OPERATOR Electric powered door opener for full-size vans with sliding doors. Includes separate door locking mechanism to draw door tight into body. Kit includes switches and wiring for inside and outside locations. Compatible with Electro Van Lift rotary wheelchair lift....[More Information]

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