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Bumper Mounted Wheelchair Carrier

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  1. BACK-SAVER VEHICLE LIFT (MODEL AWL-1600) Picture of BACK-SAVER VEHICLE LIFT (MODEL AWL-1600) The Back-Saver Vehicle Lift, model AWL-1600, is a bumper-mounted wheelchair carrier designed to transport a folding wheelchair on an automobile with limited trunk or interior space. The automatic, motorized lift secures the folded wheelchair against the rear bumper, latching on the arms and supporting the rear wheels (22 inches in diameter or larger) in brackets. The lift includes an emergency safety latch and a state and federally approved license plate holder. CAPACITY: Carries wheelchairs wei...[More Information]

  2. PAC ALL BUMPER DECK Platform mounts to the rear bumper of a car. Heavy duty aluminum frame. Provides access to trunk while the carrier is mounted. 28 inches wide by 23 inches deep. Rear supports are 28 inches high. Holds up to 150 pounds. Can be used to transport luggage, bikes, etc....[More Information]

  3. PAC ALL DUAL CARRIER Bumper mounted carrier for standard wheelchair or scooter powered wheelchair. Fits on standard front or rear bumpers without a hitch (hitch adapter available). Support tubes are inserted into sockets and loack in place. Wheelchair or scooter must be lifted manually to knee height. Heavy duty rust proof aluminum. Includes all hardware and installation instructions....[More Information]

  4. PAC ALL WHEELCHAIR CARRIER Wheelchair carrier installs on front or rear bumper of most automobiles, vans or recreational vehicles (RVs). Brackets attach to bumper and are the only visible component when the carrier is not in use. Support tubes insert in sockets and lock in place; wheelchair is tilted back and then forward to rest the rear wheel on its bracket. Tie down (included) secure the chair. Heavy duty rust proof aluminum....[More Information]

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