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Cycle Attachment for Wheelchair

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  1. AFTERBURNER WHEEL CHAIR PUSHER Picture of AFTERBURNER WHEEL CHAIR PUSHER The Afterburner Wheel Chair Pusher is a cycle attachment for the wheelchair designed to transport a person in a wheelchair without having to transfer her or him from the wheelchair, and to provide outdoor entertainment for individuals who use a wheelchair. The back portion of the Afterburner looks like a normal bicycle with a rear wheel, seat and pedals; however there is no front wheel or handle bars. The front of the device is designed to attach to the back of a wheelchair (included). The After...[More Information]

  2. CAREBIKE Picture of CAREBIKE The Carebike is a cycle attachment for wheelchairs. The unit comprises an anodized aluminum platform on wheels that attaches to a 21-speed comfort bike. It is designed to offer friends, family members and caregivers the convenience of taking a bike ride while still being close at hand to assist the wheelchair user. The wheelchair fits on the platform with the Carebike attached at the rear, giving the biker complete steering, stopping, and starting control....[More Information]

  3. CYCL-ONE 3, 12, 48 The Cycl-One is a cycle attachment for manual wheelchairs designed to transform the chair into a hand-propelled cycle. The attachment consists of a front wheel, handcrank shaft, and attachments for mounting onto the wheelchair frame. FRAME: The frame is made of high tensile steel tubing and the crankset is alloy with a 28-tooth chainring (3 and 12 speed models) and 34 tooth chainring on the 48-speed model. HANDLES: The "together"-style hand pedals with parallel horizontal handgrips are designed ...[More Information]

  4. DUET, THE Picture of DUET, THE The Duet is a wheelchair tandem cycle designed to provide recreational transportation for two: a wheelchair user or rider with partial or severe physical disabilities, cognitive or visual disabilities, or a pediatric or geriatric passenger, and a non-disabled cyclist. The engineering of the cycle allows passengers from 20 to 275 pounds to fit comfortably by simple adjustments or by using a combination of matching upholstery accessories, seat cushions, and supports. Larger passengers are as easy ...[More Information]

  5. FIREFLY ATTACHABLE ELECTRIC HANDCYCLE The Firefly Attachable Electric Handcycle is an attachment system that can transform a wheelchair into a fully electric-powered handcycle. With the Firefly’s unique "Quick Dock" attachment system, users can convert a wheelchair to a handcycle and back again by connecting and disconnecting four latches. Once connected, users can let the Firefly’s compact electric hub motor do the hard work as they steer. The Firefly Attachable Electric Handcycle is designed to fit most folding/rigid, adult and pe...[More Information]

  6. FUNBIKE Picture of FUNBIKE Funbike is a handcycle wheelchair attachment designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities, neurological disabilities, or spinal cord injury. This unit includes a wheel and hand crank which attach to a wheelchair to convert it temporarily into a hand-propelled cycle. The unit can be attached to a fixed frame wheelchair (recommended) or to a folding wheelchair without removable footrests. The frame and most components are made of aluminum. Standard features include a 20-inch diameter...[More Information]

  7. RIO MOBILITY DRAGONFLY ATTACHABLE HANDCYCLE The Dragonfly™ is an attachable handcycle for use by individuals with mobility issues. The Dragonfly attaches to most wheel chairs. Ergonomic hand cranks fit a wide range of riders and facilitates maneuverability for the user. Built-in coaster brake lets users control speed without removing hands from the handle. The secondary brake lever has a parking feature that keeps chair in place. SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: 46" x 16" x 8" (117cm x 41cm 20cm). SHIPPING WEIGHT: 34 lbs (15.5 kg). PRODUCT WE...[More Information]

  8. WHEELCHAIR BIKE, THE Picture of WHEELCHAIR BIKE, THE The WheelchairBike is a cycle attachment for wheelchairs designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. This maintenance-free wheel and pedal assembly is intended for use by individuals with limited or no use of their legs, attaches to the front of most 18- and 20-inch wheelchairs, and can be maneuvered by shifting body weight. The unit has a steel frame, no wearable parts, and wheels that roll on high-speed bushings. WEIGHT: 16 pounds. GUARANTEE: Lifetime guarantee....[More Information]

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