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--- CUSTOM ADAPTATION --- PURPOSE: To enable a child with global developmental delays to use the toilet unaided. An existing Goanna potty chair was adapted to fit over the toilets in a school setting. Four lengths of 30-millimeter tubing with rubber stoppers in the bottom were fitted over the chair's existing legs. The extensions have two separate height settings. To enable the child to use the seat independently, a set of two wide steps were built. The framework was made of 19-millimeter stainless steel tubing. Each side was made of two pieces of tubing, with the longer pieces curved at the top to form handles. Crosspieces prvide bracing. Fiberglass was used to form the step surfaces to resist moisture and create a non-slip surface. The upper step, which functions as a platform is fixed to the frame. The lower step is retractable on slides formed by welding two pieces of tubing together to form a U-channel and then welding the front and back of the slides to the legs. DIMENSIONS (HxWxD): The upper step is 360 x 500 x 370 millimeters with a 40 millimeter overhang at the rear. The lower step is 160 millimeters from the floor. TITLE: Using the Toilet Unaided. JOURNAL: TAD Journal. REF: Vol. 21 no. 3, Spring 2001: p. 11. PAGES (including cover): 2 2001.

Notes: This journal is available in the collection of the National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC).

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This product record was updated on September 23, 2003.

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Technical Aid to the Disabled (TAD)

TADNSW is a charity organisation that has the authority to fundraise. TAD uses volunteers dedicated to the design, construction and provision of aids for people with disabilities. Members of TAD provide a resource pool comprising a range of design, engineering, rehabilitation, computer, therapy and other professional and technical skills. Aids custom-designed by TAD volunteers are described in the TAD Journal.

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Telephone: 011-61-2-9912-3400.
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