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Emergency Alert System


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Picture of SUPERIOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL ALERT SYSTEM --- DISCONTINUED. (Verified 04/2009) RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. --- The Superior Emergency Medical Alert System is an emergency alert system designed for use by seniors and individuals with mobility disabilities. This complete, self-contained emergency medical alert system has an automatic dialing console that connects to an existing phone line. The user wears a wireless remote pendant with an emergency button. When the emergency button is pressed on the console or the pendant, the auto-dialer is activated. A call is placed to 911 and a pre-recorded message is played. For example, the message might be "This is Mary Smith at 123 Applegate Drive. Please send emergency help right away!" The pendant is small, lightweight, and waterproof. The autodialer console is hearing aid compatible and has large talking buttons, an amplified handset, and a loud ringer. OPTIONS: Extra pendant.

Price: 495.00.

This product record was updated on April 14, 2009.

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Superior Living LLC

To the best of our knowledge, this company no longer sells assistive products. We list inactive companies for reference purposes only. The contact information listed is the last known for this company; current contact information is not available. If you have updated information on this company, please contact AbleData.

355 Circle of Progress Drive
Pottstown, Pennsylvania 19464
United States
Telephone: 888-206-5796.
Fax: 888-525-6331.

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