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Pen Holder


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Picture of PEDIATRIC WEIGHTED HOLDER The Pediatric Weighted Holder is a pencil or pen holder designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. These holders securely hold most round or irregularly shaped items from 1/8-inch to 7/16-inch in diameter. This weighted handle is available in a standard or deluxe model and uses three adjustable set screws to accommodate different sizes. The deluxe model has a plastic vinyl handle and the standard model has a metal handle. The set includes a number 2 pencil, an allen wrench, and three extra long screws for gripping tiny objects. When used with writing utensils, this handle provides greater control and proprioceptive feedback. DIMENSIONS: The standard model is 5/8-inch in diameter and the deluxe model is 7/8-inch in diameter. WEIGHT: The deluxe model weighs 4 ounces and the standard model weighs 3.75 ounces.

Notes: Shipping and handling charges are not included in the purchase price listed.

Price: 22.95 to 20.95.

This product record was updated on August 14, 2008.

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United States
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Pocket Full of Therapy

P.O. Box 174
Morganville, New Jersey 07751
United States
Telephone: 800-736-8124 (PFoT-124) or 732-462-4474.
Fax: 732-441-1422.

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Therapro, Inc.

225 Arlington Street
Framingham, Massachusetts 01702-8723
United States
Telephone: 800-257-5376 or 508-872-9494.
Fax: 800-268-6624 or 508-875-2062.

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Therapy Shoppe Inc.

PO Box 8875
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49518
United States
Telephone: 800-261-5590 or 616-696-7441.
Fax: 616-696-7471.

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