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Reading Tutorial Program


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Picture of DR. PEET'S TALK / WRITER Dr. Peet's Talk/Writer is a two-disk reading tutorial program designed to teach to motivate beginning readers and writer to compose text on screen and to provide voice output of typed text to the user for reinforcement and auditory feedback. The first disk, ABC Discovery, introduces the alphabet, provides lessons in recognition of capital and lower-case letters, keyboard familiarity, and a one-line word processor. Disk Two, Talk/Writer, has a word processor with four commands, which uses ECHO voice synthesis and large letters, to provide a transition from the basic writing tool used in the first disk to a full-function, full page or pages word processor. The Digispeech voice output can be controlled by users. Text can be printed, saved, and worked on at different times. For users who are blind or have low vision, the program includes a double-touch feature which allows students to hear what letter they selected before it prints on the screen. Large print text can be generated on an Imagewriter, Epson, or Apple Dot Matrix printer. COMPATIBILITY: For use on Macintosh or IBM and compatible computers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: The Macintosh version requires LC or higher; color monitor; 2 MB RAM (4 MB recommended); System 7 preferred; CD-ROM drive. Optional: TouchWindow, printer. Apple: 64K; color monitor; 5.25 inch disk drive; Echo Speech Processor (see separate entry). A windows version is available.

Notes: This program is designed to be used with Edmark's TouchWindow (See separate entry). ** Shipping and handling charges are not included in the purchase price listed.

Price: 59.95 to 49.95.

This product record was updated on April 24, 2003.

This product is available from:


Interest-Driven Learning Inc.

229 Canal Street
New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32168
United States
Telephone: 800-245-5733 or 816-478-4824.
Fax: 816-478-4824.

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eSpecial Needs, LLC

11704 Lackland Industrial Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63146
United States
Telephone: 877-664-4565 or 314-692-2424.
Fax: 800-664-4534 or 314-692-2428.

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Woodlake Technologies, Inc.

650 West Lake Street, Suite 320
Chicago, Illinois 60661
United States
Telephone: 800-253-4391 or 312-655-9200.
TT: 312-655-8614.
Fax: 312-655-8615.

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