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Cognitive Skills Tutorial Program

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  1. THE RODEO The Rodeo is a math and cognitive skills tutorial program designed for use with children, teens, or adults with cognitive, upper extremity, or vision disabilities. This program uses a trip to the rodeo with age-appropriate graphics, songs, and animation to teach cause and effect, matching, and early number concepts. A "Let's Choose My Song" feature is designed specifically for users with vision disabilities. The program may be accessed using a mouse, a touch screen, a single switch, or Intellike...[More Information]

  2. THINKIN THINGS COLLECTION 1 Thinkin' Things Collection I is a cognitive skills tutorial program designed to develop a wide range of thinking skills including visual and auditory memory, visual and discrimination, and logic and creativity for children who are developmentally delayed. The program offers six activities where students make logical comparisons, work with attributes, deduce "secret rules," and repeat and improvise musical patterns and tunes. Flying Spheres and Flying Shapes allow students to experiment with spat...[More Information]

  3. THINKIN' SCIENCE ZAP! Thinkin' Science ZAP! is a science tutorial program designed for use by students with cognitive and learning disabilities. Working with laser beams, electrical circuits, and "visible" sound waves, students practice valuable thinking skills while experimenting within a scientifically accurate environment. Skills developed include observation, prediction, deductive reasoning, conceptual modeling, theory building, and hypothesis testing. The program features Virtual Manipulatives that provide hands...[More Information]

  4. THINKIN' THINGS FRIPPLETOWN Thinkin' Things FrippleTown is a cognitive skills tutorial program designed for use by children with cognitive and motor disabilities. As users discover the Fripples and the town they call home, they participate in four activities to develop problem-solving skills. In the Fripple Delivery Van, students take charge of a delivery van as they develop spatial skills while delivering packages to Fripples around town. In this three-dimensional environment, they discover multiple ways to solve problems...[More Information]

  5. TODO TELLING TIME Todo Telling Time is an app that can be used by children with deficits in auditory and visual processing, short-term memory, language delay or under-developed fine motor skills. Students identified as having a learning disability, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), dyspraxia, and Down syndrome. It provides playful opportunities for children in kindergarten through second grade learn all aspects of time telling through fun, in...[More Information]

  6. TOWER GAME Tower Game is designed for individuals 8 years of age with cognitive, visual perceptual and fine motor delays. Players are encouraged to build a column of blocks to match the color sequence on The Tower. The goal is to balance your blocks to reach the top. There are a limited number of colors. You might get close and realize the color you need to complete your column is on a block at the bottom! You must reconfigure and rebuild, and remember, it takes a steady hand and intuitive mind to match Th...[More Information]

  7. TURTLE TEASERS Turtle Teasers is a cognitive skills tutorial program designed for use with children and teens with cognitive and upper extremityl disabilities. The program provides three animated games with flexible levels of difficulty. Included are The Shell Game in which players identify which turtle has stolen the tomato, The Pond in which players observe and locate the hidden tomato, and The Tomato Dump in which players work to dump the tomatoes as fast as they can.This program can be accessed with a mous...[More Information]

  8. TWENTY CATEGORIES Twenty Categories is cognitive skills tutorial program designed to provide practice in using categorization skills through the use of multiple choice questions for children and adults with language learning, developmental, severe physical, visual or hearing disabilities, or autism, as well as adults with traumatic brain injury or aphasia. Three hundred nouns in 20 categories are contained on two disks. The questions train categorization concepts in three ways: Inclusion: Category to Noun, Inclus...[More Information]

  9. UNITY Unity is a direct selection communicator program and a cognitive skills and vocabulary tutorial program designed for use by persons with communication or cognitive disabilities. The Minispeak application program is a vocabulary program for use with Prentke Romich communication devices (see separate entries). The vocabulary is pre-selected and pre-stored; the icons have already been chosen to represent the vocabulary and the overlay has been arranged in a logical array. Vocabulary is divided into...[More Information]

  10. VERB FILL-INS Verb Fill-Ins is a language tutorial program designed to provide cognitive training in use of verbs. A sentence with the verb missing is presented, followed by a list of three verbs. The user selects the appropriate verb using the space bar and the return key. The program provides visual and auditory reinforcement. Verb Fill-Ins has features that keep track of user progress and allow clinicians to author their own programs. COMPATIBILITY: For use on Apple IIc, Apple IIe, and Apple IIGS computers...[More Information]

  11. VISPA VISPA is cognitive rehabilitation software designed specifically for persons with visuospatial deficits. The program currently consists of nine groups of exercises: Scanning, Visual Matching, Completing Lines, Completing Figures, Construction Praxis, Error Detection, Cancellation, Park a Car, and Drive a Car, plus an Assessment and an Acquaintance program. Each exercise emphasizes several skills, and some skills are covered in more than one exercise. The VISPA program reacts to the user' s respo...[More Information]

  12. WHEEL OF SOUNDS Picture of WHEEL OF SOUNDS Wheel of Sounds is a cause and effect training program designed for use by individuals with cognitive disabilities. This switch-activated game plays an object's sound when the object is selected by the spinner. The spinner is activated by step scanning, timed scanning, a single switch press, a mouse click, or touch-screen. Once the picture is selected and the sound is played, a new picture will take its place. Wheel of Sounds gives the user the capability of setting the field of pictures to disp...[More Information]

  13. WHEELS ON THE BUS I Wheels on the Bus I is a pre-reading tutorial program and cognitive skills tutorial program designed to assist children ages 18 months to 5 years in identifying objects and people by actions or sounds. The program sings 5 verses of the nursery school song, including mommie, baby, doors, kids, and horn. Verses are activated by pressing the corresponding picture on the overlay for the PowerPad expanded keyboard (see entry), Intellikeys, or TouchWindow (see entry). The complete set includes the pr...[More Information]

  14. WHEELS ON THE BUS III Wheels on the Bus III is a pre-reading tutorial program and a cognitive skills tutorial program designed to teach children ages 18 months to 3 years to identify people or objects by their sound or action. The program is activated to sing on of five verses of the popular nursery song by pressing the picture corresponding to the verse on the PowerPad (see separate entry), IntelliKeys, or TouchWindow overlay. Verses include people, money, brakes, seat belt, and wheelchair lift. The complete set inc...[More Information]

  15. WORM SQUIRM Worm Squirm is a pre-reading tutorial program and cognitive skills tutorial program designed to help teach children ages 3 years through first grade counting and classification and categorization concepts. The student tries to direct a worm through a path on the computer screen. The worm can be directed by pressing four large arrows (up, down, right, left) using the PowerPad expanded keyboard (see entry) or IntelliKeys. COMPATIBILITY: For use on Apple and Macintosh computers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS...[More Information]

  16. ZURK'S LEARNING SAFARI Zurk's Learning Safari is an academic tutorial program designed to introduce cognitive skills for life science, math and pre-reading for individuals with a developmental or physical disability. Zurk leads students through seven activities that range from exploring the animal kingdom, to swimming in a bowl of alphabet soup, to completing colorful puzzles. The program offers open-ended, explore and discover learning. Students learn shapes, colors, patterns, and upper and lower case letters; sharpe...[More Information]

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