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Waist Pouch

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  1. AQUATUNES (MODEL 601) Picture of AQUATUNES (MODEL 601) Aquatunes, Model 601, is a waistpouch designed to carry a personal strereo or MP3 player during water-based therapy or sports. The belt is made of clear PVC pipe and enables the user to operate personal stereo controls. The webbed belt has corrosion proof, impact resistant molded buckles. OPTIONS: Belt extensions are available. DIMENSIONS: The belt is adjustable up to 40 inches. WARRANTY: Full 30-day warranty....[More Information]

  2. C-TRACH APRON FOR TRACHEOSTOMY PATIENTS ------- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Specially designed apron to allow ambulation and self care for a patient with tracheostomy tubing attached to a respirator. Describes an apron designed to support tracheostomy tubing, minimizing traction on it. The tubing is positioned using velcro and held up by a a flip up part of the apron fastened with velcro. Includes photographs. SKILLS REQUIRED: Sewing. AUTHOR: Kass, S F D C TITLE: C-Trach Apron for Tracheostomy Patients JOURNAL: American Jo...[More Information]

  3. Trunks with Envelope for Catheter Bag. ------- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Men's swimming trunks have zippers on each side for ease in dressing. Includes a fold of fabric used to hold a catheter bag. Instructions for adapting swim trunks by adding two side zippers so the garment can be opened flat, and a fabric holder for a catheter bag sewn to the inside of the waistband. Includes photographs. SKILLS REQUIRED: Sewing. AUTHOR: Kernaleguen, A TITLE: Clothing Designs for the Handicapped REF: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Unive...[More Information]

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