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Transfer Aid

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  1. TRANSFER BELT (MODELS 655701 & 655702) Picture of TRANSFER BELT (MODELS 655701 & 655702) The Transfer Belt is a transfer aid designed to assist therapists and caregivers in transferring individuals with mobility disabilities from a chair to a bed or from a bed to a chair. The belt also provides leverage during assisted walking and standing. The belt is made of heavy-duty cotton webbing and a secure metal buckle to close it around the waist. DIMENSIONS (LxW): Model 655701 is 54 x 2 inches long and model 655702 is 72 x 2 inches long....[More Information]

  2. TRANSFER COMMODE SEAT. ------- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Adapted transfer seat on a commercially available commode chair with swing away arms. Allows person to transfer more easily between a wheelchair or bed and the commode chair. The standard seat is removed from a commode chair and a wooden seat is made from 3/4 inch plywood. One side of the seat is extended like a transfer board with a slot near the far end to hook onto the wheelchair frame. Includes pictures. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Ei...[More Information]

  3. TRANSFER HANDLE, THE (MODELS 2001, 2025, & 2025H) Picture of TRANSFER HANDLE, THE (MODELS 2001, 2025, & 2025H) The Transfer Handles are transfer aid designed to assist people with mobility disabilities in transferring to and from a bed and to assist with in-bed mobility. Model 2025 features a steel handle attached to a bed board which slides between the mattress and the box springs. Shaped in an inverted U, the handle also has a second, lower bar for added stability in standing and greater in-bed mobility. Model 2025H is similar to model 2025, but is designed specifically for use with hospital-style beds...[More Information]

  4. TRANSFER SLING The Transfer Sling is a transfer aid designed to enable a caregiver or therapist to safely assist individuals with mobility disabilities in transferring and standing. This device combines a transfer belt with a sling, providing support around the back and behind the knees. Handles enable the caregiver to lift without strain. SIZES: Small/medium or large. CAPACITY: 250 pounds....[More Information]

  5. TRANSFER SLING AND GAIT BELT Picture of TRANSFER SLING AND GAIT BELT The Transfer Sling and Gait Belt is a combination manual transfer sling and gait belt designed to provide a secure grasp for therapists and caregivers during ambulation training and transfers. This belt-style device provides support under the knees and behind the back, aiding in better body mechanics during one- and two-person assisted transfers. SIZES: Small/medium or medium/large. CAPACITY: 250 pounds....[More Information]

  6. TRANSFER TRAPEZE The Transfer Trapeze is a powered transfer aid designed to allow the user to transfer from a wheelchair to a couch with the aid of an overhead trapeze. The motorized trapeze is suspended from a wheelchair-mounted frame. The frame consists of steel tubing and 1-inch electrical conduit tubing. The motor consists of a used car window motor, which is mounted underneath the seat of the wheelchair. The user grasps the trapeze and activates the mounted switch, which rotates the device 90 degrees and tr...[More Information]

  7. TRANSFER TURNTABLE (MODEL HA-4770) Picture of TRANSFER TURNTABLE (MODEL HA-4770) The Transfer Turntable, model HA-4770, is a turning and transfer aid designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This strong, lightweight turntable rotates 360 degrees in any direction, enabling a helper to transfer the user safely from chair to bed or car to wheelchair. DIMENSIONS: 405 millimeters in diameter. CAPACITY: 125 kilograms. WEIGHT: 1 kilogram....[More Information]

  8. TUBBUDDY WITH TILT (MODEL SB2T) Picture of TUBBUDDY WITH TILT (MODEL SB2T) The TubBuddy with Tilt, model SB2T, is a caster shower commode designed for use by individuals with lower extremity, mobility or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This system allows a caregiver to transfer an individual over the edge of a bathtub for ease in showering or to be rolled over a standard or elongated toilet when used as a commode. For transfer into or out of a shower enclosure, see the ShowerBuddy (see separate entry). The chair can also be used a shower chair for r...[More Information]

  9. TURNSHEET (MODEL 1580) Picture of TURNSHEET (MODEL 1580) The Turnsheet, model 1580, is a transfer aid designed to assist individuals with mobility disabilities in turning or changing positions in bed. The Turnsheet consists of two elements: the first element is quilted mat with a woven cotton top layer, a layer of flame-retardant trevira padding, and a bottom layer of ultra-low friction woven nylon. This element is equipped with webbing straps to be attached to the head of the bed frame. The second element is a mattress cover with an ultra-low frictio...[More Information]

  10. TURNTABLE (MODEL 5085) Picture of TURNTABLE (MODEL 5085) The TurnTable, model 5085, is a standing transfer aid designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. It is used to enable transfers to and from wheelchairs, beds, and toilets by individuals who have enough strength to stand on their legs but not enough energy to move their feet. It is made of durable polyethylene with a rubber-like anti-slip surface. Two discs are attached in the center with a metal screw, enabling the top disc to rotate and pivot the user to the proper position for...[More Information]

  11. UNEEK BEDRAIL SYSTEM Picture of UNEEK BEDRAIL SYSTEM The Uneek Bedrail System is a side rail and transfer aid designed to assist individuals with mobility and balance disabilities in entering and exiting the bed. The steel bedrail attaches to a steel frame that slips between the mattress and the box springs. Safety straps provide additional support in anchoring the unit to the bed. This portable bedrail system is available in two models. One opens and closes like a gate, and the other one does not. Both models feature a utility board that can supp...[More Information]

  12. WEBBED TRANSFER AID ---"DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable individuals to be lifted and transferred from one seat or surface to another in a seated position. To make this device, cut one 72-inch strip of webbing (lengthening may be required for use with a larger person) and then cut eight eight- to nine-inch strips (lengthening may be required for use with a larger person). Assemble straps in a crosshatch pattern. Zig Zag stitch along end of all the straps to avoid fraying. Straight stitch all seams about...[More Information]

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