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Powered Wheelchair Alternative


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-------- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a customized electronic wheelchair (herein referred to as stroller) for a 10-year-old boy who has spinal muscular atrophy. Due to the nature of his condition, the child prefers to remain horizontally positioned, and the stroller design accommodated that. The electronic stroller can be manually pushed or controlled electronically. The user interface for the electronic controls includes a single touch button that the user can press whenever the stroller is in the desired directional state. The video camera provides a live video feed directly to the LCD screen and is mounted on the front of the stroller so the user has a sense of orientation when driving forward. The LCD is mounted in front of the user’s field of vision and easy to access. The camera is detachable so the user or care giver can point the camera in different directions to get a sense of the environment. There are four directional states, which change at set intervals, signified by a series of four LEDs. Additionally, there is a camera feeding live video to the LCD for the user to safely navigate the stroller. Motor control involves the use of a host controller which uses the input from the user interface to determine which direction the stroller will move. There are two motor controls that are responsible for sending the appropriate power to each motor that turns the wheels. The directions are forward, reverse, left and right as well as staying stationary. This device was entered into the RESNA 2011 Student Design Competition where it placed as a semi-finalist under the wheeled mobility technologies category. TITLE: Achieving Mobility (Calvin College). JOURNAL: RESNA Student Design Competition. REF:

Notes: Designers: Dan Evans, Matt Last, Matt Rozema, and Rob VanderVennen (Calvin College).

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