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Posture Switch

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  1. MUSICAL POSTURE TRAINER (MODEL 1120) Picture of MUSICAL POSTURE TRAINER (MODEL 1120) The Musical Posture Trainer, model 1120, is a posture switch designed to provide feedback with soft music for indivudals with little or no muscle control. It attaches to any part of the body with a velcro strap. This positive feedback device plays soft music when the desired position is achieved....[More Information]

  2. POSTURE BUZZER (MODEL 1140) The Posture Buzzer, model 1140, is a posture switch designed to provide posture training for individuals with physical disabilities. This miniature mercury switch sounds when a body part is tilted beyond pre-set angle. It is the size of quarter and may be worn anywhere on body....[More Information]

  3. POSTURE MONITOR The Posture Monitor is a biofeedback device designed to support individuals who have a limited physical control and difficulty maintaining appropriate posture due to neurological deficits. Its purpose is to promote attention given to maintaining proper trunk alignment by individuals seated in wheelchairs, thus encouraging a seated position that offers greater functionality; enhances learning, self esteem, and mobility; and improves physiological factors such as respiration, circulation and diges...[More Information]

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