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Optical Character Recognition Program

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--- DISCONTINUED. (Verified 8/2013) RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. --- The Reading Edge is a voice output reading machine designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This stand-alone reading machine integrates a book edge scanner scanning at 300 dots per inch (dpi), Xerox Imaging Systems (XIS) proprietary Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) Software, a speech synthesizer, a speaker, and a moveable ergonomically-designed 18-button keypad. The high-speed bookedge scanner can handle books and other bound materials of any size without distortion or additional support. An automatic page orientation feature adjusts scanned images that are upside down and continues reading without interruption. The scanner can read documents from 3 x 5 inches up to 8.5 x 17 inches and performs both portrait and landscape recognition. The volume and speaking knobs have different textures and rotation patterns, enabling users to easily differentiate them by touch. High contrast black and yellow coloration allows users with low vision to locate important features. A convex fan on the back of the machine allows for placement next to a wall. A credit card sized memory card contains the system and language software and is inserted in a slot dimpled for easy identification. Cards are available in several languages, allowing the user to change languages by simply changing cards. This reading machine is built around a SPARC processor and operates faster than 386-based systems. The ICR software uses artificial intelligence and can read virtually any typeface or size in single or multiple column formats. The Reading Edge can provide voice output for bold or italicized print with a different voice for emphasis. Scanned documents can be saved, recorded on a tape recorder via a line out jack, or sent to a personal computer via a serial communications port where they can be manipulated or sent to a Braille printer. A headphone jack allows for private listening. Print and audio users' guides are included. OPTIONS: An optional carrying case allows The Reading Edge to be carried with a shoulder strap, a hand strap, or as a backpack. An optional automatic document feeder is available for scanning multiple page documents. Italian, French, German, and Swedish language cards are also available. POWER: 60 watts, 2 amps maximum. Requires grounded outlet 100-240 VAC at 47-63 Hz. DIMENSIONS (HxWxD): 7.5 x 19.5 x 15 inches WEIGHT: 24 pounds. COLOR: High contrast black and yellow exterior. Light green is dropout color for scanner. WARRANTY: One year limited warranty.

Notes: The Reading Edge and bookedge are trademarks. ** DECtalk is a trademark of Digital Equipment Corporation.

Price: 3995.00.

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This product record was updated on August 1, 2013.

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Telesensory (S) Pte Ltd (formerly Telesensory Corporation)

4545 Stockdale Highway, Suite F
Bakersfield, California 93309
United States
Telephone: 800-804-8004 or 650-743-9515.
Fax: 661-832-6557.

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